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Moms I need advice, im going to try to give the briefest ex…

Moms I need advice, im going to try to give the briefest explanation I can but I just don't know what to do anymore and an hoping someone has been through it and has some wisdom to share.

My 5 year old step son has something going on, he hasn't been diagnosed with anything yet but there's something there. What I'm lost on: he goes into these crying fits, they come out of no where, he won't answer us (my husband, myself or nana) what is wrong (i.e. if something hurts, if he's sad about something, if something is bothering him) he will just sit there staring at us and crying. Ive tried talking to him, holding him, if you can think of it ive probably tried it. But it has me at a breaking point. He has now been in his room just crying/screaming for about an hour now and I feel like I have no more options but to ignore him and let him get it out. Have any other moms been through this? Did you find something that worked? I want to help him but I don't know how to.

Note: he has bad behavioral problems - he has seen a neurologist, cardiologist, developmental specialist and behavioral specialist. The first two just to make sure everything was fine there and that wasn't causing anything. And the last two didn't really help much with whats going on. His mother's side of the family does have a history of bipolar could it be a precursor to that ?


— I was diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder and depression at 5. I would have extreme tantrums and crying fits where I would almost black out during them and not remember after. Severe panic attacks. I’d take him to see a child psychiatrist or therapist. They can help with coping mechanisms. It’s a long process, but worth it.

— I'm going to push more for my husband to get him to a therapist. Sadly I have no authority to take the steps to get him into therapy (at least at the moment). I know it would help him a lot though. I've often wondered if he blacks out during them because once he come out of them its like absolutely nothing has happened.

— Bipolar isn’t typically diagnosed in young children, but it is certainly something to mention if he sees a therapist or psychiatrist. Has he had any kind of trauma?

— He hasn't that we know of. If he has its been when he's with him mom. He is pretty open with me so if something happened Ifeel like I'd know but obviously we don't know that 100%. And I know it can't be diagnosed at this age but his developmental specialist said there are precursors we would look for but I don't believe he ever told us what they were. I did just message my husband about getting him back to see him though

— Does he see a therapist or counselor?

— Sadly my husband doesn't want to stick him in counseling/therapy yet (trust me ive been trying to push it) and I don't have the rights to be able to do that myself