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Still taking me a while to come to terms with the fact I'm …

Still taking me a while to come to terms with the fact I'm going to be a mum again. 😂
Few questions!

1. Is the 2nd birth easier and/or quicker?

2. Is the second baby easier in general?

3. How did your current child take to the newborn?


— My first was an emergency csection and recovery was hard, second was an elective csection and recovery was loads better.

I definitely found it easier second time around as a baby (now she’s on the move she’s a 😈!) 🤣

Definitely very hard at first as it’s a huge adjustment(we bought books throughout my pregnancy to help understand) but now they are besties and I can already tell it’ll soon be them vs me and Daddy! Plus eldest is super helpful she loves being involved and helping and is such a proud big sister!


— My second birth and recovery were much easier and quicker.
Baby was easier and a quick learner too.
There was only an 11 month age gap so they're very close now. Her brother was jealous first few weeks but he was only small himself! Just make sure you are always including Tommy with tasks that make him closer to little baby xx

— 1 - yes second birth was faster and easier and quicker recovery.
2- I found I was more relaxed but he was not necessarily an easier baby, but it just felt easier.
3 - my eldest was 2y3mo when Rudi was born. He had a meltdown for 2 weeks after but they are so close now. They are chalk and cheese. Total polar opposites in every way!

— I dont think there's one answer to any of those questions I'm afraid 😂 Every pregnancy/ birth is different. Every baby is different and so is how our children react to having a sibling!

Both my births had issues for different reasons. My youngest was much more hard work than my eldest. Morgan loved having a baby brother & doted on him and other than the usual sibling rivalry & bit of jealousy as he got bigger, he adapted well. Loved having a brother. He doesn't remember not having a brother now 😂

— 1- my fist labour was just shy of 5 hours. My second was just under 1hour 45 minutes. That was from waking up, unsure as to whether I was in labour to holding a baby in my arms. Second labour was more painful, but it was fast, on the stairs with no midwife or pain relief, where as my first was in a pool, in hospital with gas and air.
2. My second has been much easier. I don't know if it's because I'm so much more sure of my mothering ability or because she's just calmer. But it's all so much more relaxed this time around.
3. Great. He was absolutely brilliant, infact he haven't had any issues at all with our eldest since our youngest was born. He loves her, does everything he can to make her laugh and smile.

— Also my first was a similar age to your first when I found out I was pregnant with my second :) it's a lovely age gap!

— I can't comment on birth as both of mine were c sections. I found it really easy to adapt to having a second baby, found it much easier as knew what I was doing. My son wasn't bothered about his brother but didn't like it when he was crying, he would start crying too, which was difficult at first to deal with both crying at the same time and trying to comfort both, but he soon got over it and only just recently they've actually started playing nicely together, they have days where they hit and annoy one another but very rarely.

— 1 - I would same a lot quicker and easier as you know what to expect but I had some complications and was induced.
2 - I would say for me personally it was easier as I knew and had a feel of what I was doing whereas with my first I literally had no idea!😂until I got the hang of it and you get your own routine in place!
3 - at first my son would not go nowhere near my daughter and if I had hold of her he wouldn’t come near me either🙈but maybe a few days to a week he was completely fine with her! Always wanted to hold her and be with her then! But as I said before you’ll find your own routine with them both and it’ll become easier!xxx

— With adam he was back to back it was a long 30oddd hour labour but with kane he literally flew out that quick that all the blood rushed to his head and he was bloodshot for weeks afterwards that labour started at 7 n by 10:32 he was born. No pain relief other than gas and air with adam I had everything possible but the epidural as I refused until I got to 9 n was screaming for it 🤣 so second time round was much better and also in a pool too which I got out of with adam! I definitely recommend that!! As for baby wise again 2nd time around not as stressful because u know what's what I ust to worry if adam drank the whole bottle were as if kane wanted to leave it I knew he wasnt gonna starve. So I was like a different mum. Adam never got dirty were as kane can sort of thing 🤣 am so excited for you! Xx

— My second birth was so much quicker Zayaan was 5 hours and Idris was 2 hours it was so quick lol .. Tommy will be nearly 3 when his sibling comes along so he will be a lot more aware it’s hard at first as the eldest child gets very needy I would say but you find a routine and a balance and once you see your two babies together it’s amazing

— It was a walk in the park compared to my first and third! I think because Tommy will be three it will be easier as he will be that little bit older and independent. Charlie is three and he's behaviour is alot better and he plays on his own alot more now.
Charlie was jealous at first but he was only 15months old so he still wanted to be with me all the time but over all it's a dream xxx

— My second birth was about the same as the first in terms of length and contraction pain BUT I didn’t need stitches so was a lot less sore afterwards and healed quicker.

My second is the best behaved! Was an easy baby.

Not gonna lie it was difficult adjusting, it is every time a new baby is added. They all get used to it and bond eventually x

— 1---way quicker!! I was induced though...
2--yes, he was the best baby!
3- Lynnie was kind of jealous for that first year and would bite him😭 but she was also very sweet some too.

— I had 2 c sections
Graces one was easier to recover but Elijahs I kept getting skin infections
2- seems abit easier as I done it before
3 - they fight a lot but then love each other can get the odd bit of jealousy but that’s normal