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My little Blippi and unicorn last night 😍

My little Blippi and unicorn last night 😍


— This is what I’ve got for dd for Christmas.

— Awe, yes. Love it!! Mine got it, too but for his birthday this year. It’s a cute toy!

— @mommaofjandm, she will have him while I still have my peewee doll lol.

— @icebergahead, ugh, that’s so cute

— Cuuuuute

— Thank you!! ☺️

— Awwww, SO stinkin cuuuttteee! My kiddo LOVES Blippi too!

— Blippi is adorable.

— thank you!!!

— Dd loved that show but kinda grew out of it. I must play the Halloween song for her.

— Not gonna lie, I’ll be so happy when my son grows out of it haha

— Omg blippi!!!!!

— All the kids loved it! I was shocked to see my son was the only one dressed as him, though!

— @mommaofjandm, too stinking cute!