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Where can a sore throat come from? It rained and a cold fro…

Where can a sore throat come from?
It rained and a cold front came in yesterday. I was just fine all day, up until this morning I woke up with a sore throat, I think one side of my lymph nodes is a tiny bit bothering me. No fever. No runny nose, no other symptoms except the soreness and tonsils do feel uncomfortable when I swallow. What could it be?


— Update ?

— Yes... I think it was my aunt flow restarting. Cause as soon as I started my lymph nodes went down all the way. Atleast it coincided that way. I hadn't had it for a long time on account of lactation amenorrhea, but I suppose body is just doing weird hormone stuff now.

— @dsegu895, well I’m glad you’re feeling better. 😊

— @cams, thanks for asking, I appreciate the check in.

— Sore throats come from viruses and bacteria. Sometimes it can come from throat irritation, or yelling a lot, or singing a lot, but I think a sore throat from yelling or singing feels different from when I have a bug. Even though you're just now feeling the sore throat, you could have picked up a bug the day before or another time, you don't always get sick as soon as you come in contact with the germ. Also, people around you could have carried the germ from somewhere else and you were affected by it.

— Sounds viral. Cold air doesn’t cause swollen lymph nodes. Your body is fighting something.

— Do you think maybe I should get tested for COVID? Just to cross that T out because I do work with kids. I have no other symptoms. But I don't like things being in the back of my head when I don't know what it is, especially nowadays.

— @dsegu895, well you definitely shouldn’t be working at all right now if you have any signs of illness. If you have access to testing, might as well. 🤷🏻‍♀️

— Cold air can cause sore throat...

— I'm hoping that's just all. Woke up a little less, but the same soreness today. ☹️ I don't remember feeling like this before after a cold front.