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What's people's thoughts of not being able to see family on…

What's people's thoughts of not being able to see family on Christmas im so worried as my boys love seeing there nan and grandad on Christmas and I feel they been though enough since covid has been around not being able to go school and not been able to see people 💔


— Definitely agree! My gran is 76 shes totally fed up with it all now!

I've just read online a man has set up a business ans employed his family on zero hour contracts (hed found that if he rang the pub to arrange dinner he was told no but as soon as he mentioned it was for work. No limits and it was fine to book!

Also people who had covid upto 28days before dieing (even though negative when died) are still listed as a covid death

The numbers are higher because they are testing more and more people

My inlaws for their jobs alone get tested every week and extra test if they have symptoms

— I'm not giving up Christmas for NO ONE! 😂 It is a time that families come together so that's how it will stay for us. Like others have said there are other things that can kill you and you got to "live each day to it's fullest" (my motto! I have chinese writing tattoo at the top of my back) The so called government can do one as far as I'm concerned 🖕🏼. The figures etc aren't accurate at all because they are recording people who haven't even died of covid! It's being made to look so much worse in the media xx

— Defo hun the government are messing with us there trying to make us there puppets there so many things that don't add up to this so I will be seeing my family as my boys have struggled not seeing there nan and grandad x

— I also get what some people are saying here that theyd rather not have one christmas with family incase they get it and die. But noone is promised next year coronavirus or not. Christmas is family time for me regardless 😊 xx

— This is my point.. you never know what's round the corner, I'd be devastated if I never got to spend one last Christmas with a loved one before they passed away.
There was an elderly lady being interviewed last week who said she'd rather risk getting covid than miss out on a hug from her grandkids on Christmas day

— @kerryy23 exactly! Just think covid is not the only thing in the world that kills so we shouldnt give up christmas with people we love just because of that. Spend every minute you can with loved ones on christmas day xx

— I'll see my family and no one can stop me x

— We are going into tier 3 tomorrow. I will 100% be seeing my family for Christmas! My kids have all agreed (older ones) that we will spend less on Christmas and will pay a fine if it comes down to it as Christmas is about family and spending time together. There is not a chance they will keep me away from them! Well unless one of us is ill of course xx

— I'm going to see family. Unless I don't like them, then I have the perfect excuse! Xx

— For me personally if there was a high amount of cases in my area (luckily there isn't) and we had to lockdown I would avoid one Christmas with family. Would rather miss one Christmas than every Christmas because they've died 🤷🏼‍♀️

But wouldn't judge others for doing so 😊 x

— I 100 % agree the cases here were i live are terrible and I'm not risking seeing my family I havent seen them since July due to local lockdown and personally dont wanna risk it....however hard it is its jist one day and hopefully will be many more normal days to come....but as u say i don't judge anyone who does its own personal choice and many different reasons

— I feel the same, I'm in tier 3 (Manchester) and my family are in tier 1/2. I have some high risk people in my family and wouldnt want to risk their health. We can video call and just make up for it when we can! I haven't seen any of my family since July and I miss them like crazy but I'm not risking anyone's health!

— Even if we was put on lockdown here in Brighton I would still have my family round. They wont be able to stop everybody and we have all listened to the rules since march I think christmas is an exception. Noone should be on their own at christmas, as long as you're not having partys etc. Xx

— Yea so true hun im seeing my family x

— I really don't think people will sacrifice christmas/being with their loved ones this year or ever. Personally i think if both sides are ok with "taking the risk" then that's completely your choice.

— Yeah I agree xx

— I agree with this.

— There was a debate on Good Morning Britain yesterday. 51% of people they surveyed said they would break lockdown to see family at Christmas.

My personal opinion is that the virus needs to run its course now. It's still being hyped up in the media, numbers are being falsified, other deaths I.e heart attacks are being marked as covid deaths & flu is being included in the daily covid figures.
Can't stay cooped up like chickens forever

— Yea I understand what u mean i have seen a many things that isn't true how bad this covid is and the government are paying doctors to put covid on people death which many people dye from heart attacks cancer and over things which I think is bad many people may think its all true and im someone that doesn't care about people safety which I do but we can't keep being scared and stuck in home its not good for mental health and kids mental health

— @jmossom6 I'll be seeing my loved ones. It's gone on long enough now. We've all had a shit year with it about time we had some festive cheer and family is all you need at Christmas

— @kerryy23 defo hun we need something to enjoy x