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Ladies I’m at my breaking point/rock bottom 😞. After years…

Ladies I’m at my breaking point/rock bottom 😞. After years of cheating on me my soon to be ex husband told me he wants a divorce. I don’t mind giving it to him as I have been unhappy for a long time but we have 3 year old twins that don’t understand. He initiated the divorce but won’t leave the house. I don’t have a lot of money due to losing my job back in Maybecause of Covid. So I can’t leave right now and why should I have to uproot my twins?? I’m just getting back on my feet. He stays gone all day and comes in at night just to leave early before the kids get up. I get them dressed take them to school and pick them up. I’m tired and don’t know how much more I can take. Tonight I feel like I am about to have a heart attack. My chest hurts so bad and I know it’s stress. I don’t know what to do I feel like I am about to explode😩😭. Prayers please


— You can put him on child support even when you guys live in the same house. I've seen it done before. If he won't talk, I'm definitely finding ways to make him miserable

— I'd honestly tell him, your serious about the divorce and you want to go through with it and that you need him out. I mean considering he isnr ever home, all he may need is that extra push to actually pack up and go. Dont ask to talk just be like hey, listen and let it all come out.

Then get assistance until your back on your feet as well as child support.

— get child support

— How if he won’t even leave my house to start the separation process 😥

— @nykia.882017, simple you leave take the kids leave him to pay whatever go to a shelter they will help you with the rest and they will do all that too at the cs office... or the simple route is change the locks throw out his shit say bye

— Depends on if you bought the house during the marriage if it's rented...make note that you don't want to up root the kids and that he needs to leave if your in front of a judge.
And do not leave. As much as you feel uncomfortable don't leave or he will get the house.

— I’m not I have nowhere to go.

— The courthouse said we have to be separated for one year

— I have tried but he won’t talk

— ❤ I'm hoping he leaves soon and stop causing you so much stress. Have you talked to him about what he's doing? Have you gotten a lawyer so you can come to an agreement about your lives moving forward? Also know that if necessary, you can apply for child support.
I'm a petty Betty, so I'd make him getting a divorce hard, if he's causing me unnecessary stress, I'd want to make him feel some discomfort too.