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Need to vent😩😢😭😭 I had my gallbladder removed September…

Need to vent😩😢😭😭
I had my gallbladder removed September 29th and they gave me a pregnancy test and it was negative now today I took a box of pregnancy test off eBay because I’m feeling nauseous well what do you know they say positive
Has anyone had this happen ?
Has anyone had a smooth birthing after having gallbladder removed ?


— It was too soon for a pregnancy test to pick up when you had the surgery, but I'm sure they tested.

— @angikay, we’re hoping for a boy but think it’s a girl

— @mrs.watkins4715 fingers crossed you get your boy !!

— @angikay, we shall see

— I remember you having the stones while pregnant and said they couldn't do anything until after you delivered!! What a surprise!! Congratulations mama, you got this !!

— I’m so nervous 😬

— @mrs.watkins4715 I totally get why you're nervous but all is going to work out and be okay, everything will go smooth! You got this !!

— Here’s the other test

— I had my gallbladder removed while pregnant with my 3rd child, he’s great! Healthy as can be! Oh

— I just had my youngest in April but I had these stones and gallbladder issues for over a year so they waited until after my pregnancy to remove the gallbladder and stones

— Congratulations, may I ask what brand of test you used?

— I’ve used three different tests and one being pregnancy tests I bough off ebay which was a 20 pack of test strips, I did one from the dollar tree which has the pink die and it shows as soon as it goes down the strip

— That’s so crazy, but maybe it was just too early to know when they tested.
I think baby should be okay though 🙏🏼

— I’m so scared and I hope everything with this pregnancy goes smooth but I’m super nervous my youngest is 6 months old

— @mrs.watkins4715 Aww I could only imagine, try to stay positive though.

— @hilligermomx2, I just really need some friends my family isn’t very supportive about it

— Yes! A friend of mine wasn’t ever tested before her surgery and then after they told her she needed to see an OB and she was 3.5 months pregnant 🤦🏻‍♀️ baby turned out fine

— @mrs.watkins4715, I thought so also but they never tested me before mine either, granted at the time my baby was 3 months old. I think it’s just a matter of what the dr wants to do. I’m not sure. I was so surprised when she told me about her story and now her son is almost 5

— @mrs.watkins4715, if I were you I’d be calling an OB and getting in soon. Maybe you got pregnant right after the surgery 🤞🏼

— @supermomof4, I did message them to request a appointment I really hope it don’t effect the baby
But as of right now on my period tracker I’m 9 days late
But I thought maybe it’s just from surgery but when I felt like I was going to puke I figured why not take a test it’ll be negative but it wasn’t so I just cried and cried