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This world has gone CRAZY! A couple of days ago, some rando…

This world has gone CRAZY! A couple of days ago, some random 22 yr old broke into my dad’s house and beat the hell out of my 15 year old stepbrother. (We have zero idea who this guy was and my brother has no association with him) My dad tracked the guy down and basically trapped him in a store until the cops arrived and arrested him.
Well, now, apparently this guy’s family is looking for my dad and family and threatening their lives bc they’re mad that their guy is in jail!! I swear, this is like something you’d see in the movies!


— What the fuck?!

— Wtf. That family is lucky their member didn’t get killed. Hope your step bro is doing ok. That is truly unfair they have to live like that.. Not knowing if he’ll be back.

— Thank you! Yeah, my poor step mom is having a really hard time with it. I couldn’t imagine seeing my baby all black and blue like that and then have to worry about it happening again. It’s just a huge mess.

— @mommaofjandm, I bet. Not sure how he got in but I’d put sensors on all the windows and doors as a deterrent. We have some on our upstairs windows that are extremely loud.

— Are they in D'Iberville??

— @yurmomsahoe, yeah it’s not far from you. I’d say probably 20ish mins

— @mommaofjandm I can swing by if you ever need me to.

— @yurmomsahoe, thank you!! I’ll definitely let you know! I’m hoping it just all chills out

— The family was also saying that the 22yr old didn’t know why he was in jail 🙄 but we have multiple witnesses from the store who heard him say that my dad couldn’t keep him from coming back to his house. So, the man is just psychotic

— There might be an undiagnosed mental health issue.

— @fairykarmamomma, oh, absolutely!! He was looking for some kid named James. But even after finding out that my brother is in fact NOT James, he still said he was going to come back.

— @outnumbered, @fairykarmamomma, @wellabean0413, @justwingit, it’s insane! We thought it was over after the dude went to jail. My dad and stepmom went to go a get restraining order today but they were told they couldn’t have one without an attorney. My brother is okay. Nothing broken just a looooot of bruising. 😭

— What the fuck! You can’t get a restraining order without an attorney? I have never heard of this.

— @fairykarmamomma, that’s what I said!!! Must be some ass backwards Mississippi shit 🤷🏻‍♀️ idk

— What the hell!? I hope your stepbrother is okay! Omg.

— That’s why he acts the way he does... his family excuses it. I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re all fucking insane. They should be grateful your dad or brother didn’t kill him because if he broke in my house with that bs I would’ve.

— Right! I applaud her dad for not wrecking that guy's face right there in the store! Idk if I'd have the same self control in that situation!

— Oh man, that’s some serious dramatics and lack of accountability! If your family member did it and he’s over 18 that’s his issue, not the families. Don’t be mad at a father for doing what any concerned parent would do for their minor child who was very innocent in all of this.
It sounds to me like restraining orders might be a good option in this situation to protect everyone, especially if he has concrete proof of the threats.

— What in the heck! 😱