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My kids daycare closed back in August because all the staff…

My kids daycare closed back in August because all the staff caught covid. At the time my son was still in pull-ups. About a week before they opened I decided to really go hard (I wasn't really to into it because I work from home and if im nt consistent then he won't learn and I was seemingly putting work before potty training) and I took him off of pull ups and said to hell w my job. A week later thats when they called me and said he can come back if he was fully trained. So she said 2 weeks and he should be fine. Well Monday is 2 weeks. The only time he has an accident is at night but now im feeling like we still need time. I was anxious for him to go back because its really overwhelming trying to work and be mom all day but now im like I am nt about to be having them stress me or him out over this. They allow one accident per week and my baby is still learning so im nt feeling too good about rushing him. Its nt fair to him. So I guess im about to ride this out until nov 2nd


— I think it’s crazy they’re not willing to work with him since you’ve already started the process. He’s barely 3. It’s not like he’s 4 and still in diapers. My son’s potty training improved a lot once he started school. I started training him at 23 months and it was an up and down process. He’s in his third week of school and he’s finally pooping in the potty and going to the bathroom more willingly than he was before. Sometimes it’s better to have someone else take over because kids don’t wanna listen to their parents. And once he sees all the other kids going, he will be more inclined too.

— @2sweetie yes girl thanx. I was frustrated yesterday but ur right. Im just gonna let him go. And my oldest too. He had accidents in kinder and no one bat an eye lol idk why they make it such a big deal there. In essence tho, I know he will be ok and he will learn faster seeing his peers go potty

— @goodgirlgone, exactly. Kids have accidents and that’s to be expected. Send him with a few changes of clothes, be positive and encouraging and he will be fine. If all the kids are going then he will too.

— @2sweetie thank u. I appreciate it 🤍