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Anyone experienced extreme fatigue during pregnancy? Im exh…

Anyone experienced extreme fatigue during pregnancy? Im exhausted no matter how much i sleep, im falling asleep sitting up, i have no energy to do anything at all, i cant sit for more than a few minutes without nodding off and having to get up. I dont want to increase my cups of coffee, im still on my prenatal and iron supplements, ive tried earing foods with more protein and good carbs for energy but no improvement over the past week. Yesterday i nearly passed out at work, i was standing waiting for a pitcher to fill up to add water to something and i got extremely tired, dizzy, and lightheaded, my eyes closed and i started to wobble but my boss luckily came and grabbed my arm and had me sit on the floor. Luckily it was the very end of my shift so i just clocked out and had some water until i felt okay to drive home. I have a drs appointment tomorrow and will be bringing this up, but im seeing a different doctor than my regular OB so im a little worried he wont take things seriously.

Side note, ive been drinking plenty of water(especially at work i drink only water and large cups). Im making sure to eat regularly and have high protein healthy snacks between meals, and i drink a healthy protein shake with breakfast to up my calories. Ive only gained two pounds, so im still borderline underweight, i dont know if that has anything to do with it, but im doing all i can to put weight on, im 18 weeks so i know i should be gaining more weight but im really struggling even with making sure im getting plenty of calories and carbs.


— Yes !! Because I'm anemic and having to take iron supplements !! I still feel drained allot though !!

— When I feel like this is usually my anemia ...I eat spinach daily to prevent it... Definitely helps me

— I was like that my whole pregnancy pretty much. I could barely do anything. To cook or clean I had to sit in a chair and move it around the apartment. We never figured out why, but like 2 days after giving birth I was full of energy again. 🤷🏻‍♀️

— I did until around 2nd trimester.

— Have they checked your b12 levels? I was the same way and had to do b12 injections and iron infusions because the pills weren’t working fast enough for me.

— I was always super tired. Your body is growing a human, that's a pretty draining task.

— Ok, so I didn't have energy up until 20-21 weeks, I'd get extremely light headed and feel faint. I'm on 325 mg of iron and a higher dose of my thyroid meds & once my thyroid got leveled out I feel like I had a little more energy. My OB referred me to a cardiologist due to me getting dizzy, light headed and having heart palpitations. I wore a heart monitor twice and had an EKG plus an echocardiogram. My doctor's have really been on top of things with me. My OB does blood draws for my iron and thyroid at every other appointment. My heart is functioning properly and looks great. I do have heart palpitations but my cardiologist thinks it's due to pregnancy.

Also, I didn't start gaining any weight either until closer to 20 weeks. And that's just been a few pounds but my OB isnt concerned right now.

If I were you I'd ask for a CBC & make sure they checked your thyroid.

— I felt that way farther along in my pregnancy and I was anemic

— Did they find anything during blood draw?
Extreme fatigue can be cause by anemia and vitamin D deficiency

— Im going to ask for one at my appointment tomorrow, they havent done one since my first appointment besides for the glucose test and maternity 21 test for genetic screening.

— I am already on a higher dose of iron though because ive been anemic for both of my pregnancies, but never more than just slightly anemic.

— @insecureemu
My iron has been really low during pregnancy. I'm usually borderline anemic but sometimes it gets super duper low. I would have them re test it.