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— I don’t like candy corn either. The candy I hated most as a kid was those taffy candies wrapped in orange or black. I think they were peanut butter flavored but really they were just festive sadness in my mouth.

— I looove candy corn 💛🧡🤍

— My little’s chose candy corn flavored pez 🤢🤮

— Oh that sounds awful!!!

— @ekko, it honestly smelled good 😆 I almost tried one lol

— I like the pumpkins more than the candy corn.

— Also REESE'S are the NASTAY one in this scenario! There, I said it!

— I’m not sure I can trust the taste buds of someone who has an abnormal obsession with moon pies 😏 😂 😘

— @ekko, Now THERE'S a snack!! 😍🤣

— Ooooohhhh bitch, you CRAZY and if I wasn't layin here lazy, we might fight! The original one is ALRIGHT but the apple pie or caramel flavored candy corn are both ERRRRRYYYTHANG!! 😍

— Never had it. I wouldn't even know where to buy it here.

— I also like candy corn. Fight me

— Boooooooooo 👎🏼

— Candy corn is only good for decoration I said what I said

— I bought the smallest pack possible to do an experiment with the kids and the rest are getting trashed! I'll let them eat a few M&M's instead! They are disgusting!

— Every year I think that I like them then after the first one I’m like nope I’m good for another year.

— Blasphemy.
I love candy corn!

— 🤮 lol

— Says the girl who wears two tampons 😂 😘

— @ekko, lmaooo low blow