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This is what I’ve managed to achieve in 13 weeks before my …

This is what I’ve managed to achieve in 13 weeks before my wedding. I’m still on my fitness journey and have a fair way to go but my PT is starting a new FREE 10 day challenge on Facebook. There’s no catch, no signing up to to anything, he is all about educating people and giving you the best start.
Great nutritional advice and daily 30 min workouts.

Link in comments xx


— Looking good !! Great job !!

— You have done so well! 👏🏼 I don't use facebook otherwise I would have a look but I will ask my sister to show me 😂 xx

— Wow well done hun!! Xx


— Well done! What a difference!!

— Well done 😃

— Oh wow that’s amazing progress. Well done 💓xx

— Amazing!! Well done!! X

— That's brilliant.. You look great! I need to start shifting for my big day but I really have no motivation to start 😩 because I feel its so long away!! Xx

— Thanks! I felt like that too. It’s crazy how fast it comes around though! I started with the free 10 day challenge and really enjoyed it.
I’m not paid or discounted in any way to promote either 🤣 xx

— @kedwards85 I know I'm gona have to make a start! I'm not on Facebook but I can ask my mum for her log in so I will definitely be having a look at it. You've done so well and you must feel so much better for it. Your mind set changes doesn't it. Xx

— @tammyxx, I feel amazing. I have fibromyalgia so struggle with energy and pain but since doing this I’ve only had 2 bad days. It’s been great for my health xx


— Or search for Carter PT 😁