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I’m positive for COVID and he said most likely my kids are …

I’m positive for COVID and he said most likely my kids are as well. So we are all on quarantine for 10 days.


— Sorry to hear this hun, how are yall doing now?? Prayers u all get better now !!

— @amazinglimama, @madmummy., @supergurl_82, @ekko, @momof5brats, @verguinia, @alishap1212, @leonardsquared, @sherrynygirl, @mujerstillregal, @mmgarcia81, @scream.queen, @itskarina, @fairykarmamomma, @melodysmommyxo, @lifewithlynnieandwill88, thanks everyone for the prayers we need all we can get ❤️

— Always !!!!

— Oh my gosh I'm so sorry😭 praying you guys get well soon🙏

— Omg no I hope you feel better soon!!!!

— Here’s to a quick recovery with the least amount of symptoms possible...

— Oh no, i hope you all have a speedy recovery. Let us know how you’re doing.

— I hope you have a quick recovery. ❤

— Prayers , I hope you all get better soon🙏

— I hope you have a speedy recovery and the mildest symptoms that it brings. I hope your kids will have no symptoms or mild symptoms. Feel better! You're gonna get thru this

— @leonardsquared I'm actually surprised she said she was getting over it when she came back from Morocco. She said she picked up covid in NY and the doctors in CA told her there was no way she could have gotten it in Morocco. Wasn't really following, but I'm almost certain she said she didn't test in Morocco... Anyway @aalyx I'm glad you're over covid now and doing better. You didn't have to test negative to be able to be in the airport in Morocco?

— @aalyx losses are hard. My condolences to you, just take your time through it and try to take it easy

— @mujerstillregal, I’ve been trying to keep myself busy so I don’t start to cry but it’s hard. Today I wanted to tell my dad something and I forgot I can’t call him 😭😭

— @aalyx take your time and get through it ❤

— Hope all you have a full recovery ❤️

— So sorry girl! I hope y'all get through it quick with MINIMAL of symptoms! I'll be thinking of you!

— I’m so sorry! Feel bettter and prays for easy recovery

— I pray that everyone is healed in your house and healthy and strong!!!!!!!!!!

— I hope you have a quick recovery