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Some updates! I work at the hospital and I LOVE IT. I got e…

Some updates!
I work at the hospital and I LOVE IT. I got engaged! I got some tattoos. I’ve just started my last class I have to take before applying to the nursing program! I started feeling sick and got diagnosed with and autoimmune disorder called Hashimoto’s disease which I’ve just begun treating.

Finley is learning more every day! He will be 9 months old soon and has quite the personality! This one is definitely more of a daddy’s boy. He is crawling and standing and climbing and definitely keeping me busy. Still no teeth yet!

Logan is such a little man now. He repeats everrrryyything. Including telling ME to “just calm down” 😂 he loves his little brother more than anyone and is so good to him. Always has an eye on him and stopping him from hurting himself. I love watching them play together! Logan is a great sharer. When he introduces his brother to people he says “it’s my best friend Finley” 😭😭😭 Logan was supposed to start pre-K this year but that didn’t happen, thanks a lot covid. He is so smart I almost think he will skip kindergarten. He can read, add, and subtract. He understands patterns and loves to learn!


— Congrats on the engagement love. I’m so happy for u. The boys are getting so big!

— Congratulations 🥰 If you dont mind me asking what were your symptoms?(

— Extreme fatigue
Hair falling out
Muscle and joint paint -felt like I had the flu 24/7
Sweating profusely no matter the temp
Memory loss

— Congratulations!! Nice to see you back!

— Congratulations beautiful family beautiful tattoo

— Good to see you’re back! We’ve missed you! Glad everyone is doing well despite everything and health issues!
Congratulations on your new job and engagement!!

— Thank you!!! Can’t wait to see you flourish in your new job

— Omg you're baaaack 😍. I'm glad the boys are doing so well! Congrats on your engagement!!! That's so exciting! Sorry to hear you haven't been feeling well. Hopefully now that you've been diagnosed, treating it will help you to start feeling better. Is hashimoto something that will go away?

— @xryztalroze, levothyroxine! But that’s the same as synthroid! Just the generic name for it. Thank you. I hope to feel better soon. I can’t wait to feel normal again!

— @kellynicole I know, but somehow each endocrinologist has their preference for use. My DD has been on Levo since day 5 of life. Without she wouldn't be alive. And my MIL is on Synthroid. So weird. Anyways, I was asking out of support so you know that you have someone you can talk to. 🤗 It's hard being a Thyroid Void family. But if you keep up with your medication, once they have your levels regulated, and stay on top of your blood work it will get better... Thankfully you know what normal is for yourself so you'll be able to communicate with your doctors to explain when you are off. I'm here for you if you like!!! Prayers for wellness sent your way!!! 🥰

— @xryztalroze, yeah that’s true sometimes they only prescribe the brand names. And yes I’m very self aware of my body. Can’t wait to feel better again! Thank you sooo much I appreciate it

— I’m so glad you’re back!!! Congratulations!

— Thank you!

— Welcome back mama 🥰🥰 Congratulations 🎉

— Thank you!

— It's really cool that Logan loves his brother so much❤️. This is very touching🥺and commendable. I would also like to work as a nurse