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Sooo i am overwhelmed and just full out emotional. My OB C…

Sooo i am overwhelmed and just full out emotional. My OB Called and left a voicemail so my husband made me to call back. I call and she tells me shes just now seeing the ultrasound and she thinks i should go in and be induced today. I assumed she had seen it already when i went in the other day. Anyway i hung up talk to husband and we called back . She said she wants me to go in be evaluated and probably be induced because babys too small and she doesn't want me to wait and keep her in and something happens. Something about the 10 percentile shes only at the 7 percentile. Gonna check my placenta or something honestly i checked out because i was crying. Still crying and off. Im scared period. I just


— Are you OK

— Sending lots of prayers your way!!! 🙏🏻🙏🏻❤️

— Prayers for you and the baby! I was sent to be induced today and it was a shock, overwhelming at first! I’m in the hospital now waiting for the process to get going. Good luck to you!

— Girl a shock !! Its stressssssfulllll overwhelming and emotional ...

— Prayers for you and the baby!!

— I'm so sorry hun, that's definitely scary. You can do this, you got it mama. ❤

— Mama, take a deep breath and put it in the Lord's hands! He has you and will comfort you in this difficult and emotional time! Those scans can be wrong. Prayerful that baby will come out and shock everyone with strength and size, full of health!! No amount of worry will fix this. Follow your doctor's advice and pray that they are right to get baby out and that baby is strong and ok!!! My heartfelt prayers are with you and many hugs! Please let me know how things go when you're up to it.

— Thank yeah im gonna sit in my shower rn and just pray because im lost rn and i know that will comfort my soul at this point i need it.

— @albertrettazariah1386 I'm so sorry you're in this position. But take that time to pray and to collect yourself. If you and DH can take a walk with your oldest before making a decision that might help you also. Big hugs!!!

— It's going to okay. Don't stress, don't want stress baby out. Trust your doctor. They wouldn't put you and baby at risk. They know what's best

— Im trying not to but its hard. But why would she still give me the choice to go in or not ? She recommending i do but she said its still up to me. Im not good at making these type of choices. I don't wanna be my stubborn self and not go but i dont wanna go and them induce me and it wasn't the right choice. Idk im trying to stay calm and not stress but my stomach keeps getting tighter an tighter and i feel sick. This has completely screwed my vibes and day. I thought 2020 couldn't get any worse. .

— @albertrettazariah1386 that is strange. I would go in and look all the pros and cons.