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I WANNA EAT FOOD!!! I’M HANGRY!!!! Being on a liquid diet …

Being on a liquid diet really sucks. I’m this messed up combo of pain and nauseous and hangry and I just want real food but noooo! I have to give my hernia repair time to settle in and that means 2 weeks of liquids only and 2 weeks on a soft foods only diet before I can eat actual food again. I’m not eating real solid food til next month and I just wanna cry! Nothing is satisfying me and I’m frustrated when others are eating cause I can’t do that. I’m just triggered and a hot ass mess.

End rant!


— Or once your home freeze a juice you like and make it an icee

— @fairykarmamomma, it does at times I always sleep elevated ,lots of pillows and make sure not to eat spaghetti sauce,or fruit punch hrs before bed ,even stress can cause it now I get it once in awhile but,in last 3 yrs happened a lot while I was prego w my last son I would wake up feeling like my throat was closing and an exray showed I have a large hernia in my chest ;(

— @sherrynygirl, oh man, I hope you have some time in the future to fix it. I have no regrets fixing it because my company launches 10/1 and I wanted to be mostly healed. The healing process sucks, but I know in the end I’ll be better overall

— @fairykarmamomma, going to look into it soon too,I work a lot I’m a professional pet groomer we use hydraulic tables and all but,many small pets are pretty heavy and the big breed dog’s can usually go half way up and then I lift their other half so the dr said it was from lots of lifting them

— Can you drink watermelon juice ? I love it freshly made

— I hadn’t thought about an agua Fresca. The watermelon, papaya and hibiscus are my favorites. My poor husband needs to go back out

— What liquids are you consuming?

— @fairykarmamomma maybe try the juice in a chicken noodle soup can, I love that broth lol mixed with water of course, I also agree with icee's as stated below! Maybe try some ensure if u can, they fill me up. Lol I know it's hard being satisfied by liquids😭 hang in there!

— @lifewithlynnieandwill88, I had my husband go get me some matzo ball soup. I won’t eat the matzo balls but the broth is so delicious!!! I hate wasting but I kinda have no choice...

— @fairykarmamomma yeah, good idea!!