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Can someone tell me a little bit about these pills? You see…

Can someone tell me a little bit about these pills? You see I got a pap smear done on August 4th and they called me back for my results & told me that I had BV so the prescribed me a medication, 28 pills for 7 days. So I took that & finished the medication but kept having symptoms so went back again for a swap and told me that I still had BV & prescribed me the same medication, the same 28 pills for 7 days. The symptoms went away and waited a few days for sex. & when we did have sex I showered and went to bed and the next morning I woke up feeling itchy again and with a foul smell and discharge 😔 I feel like I'm going crazy ladies I don't know what to do. I'm taking prebiotics and watch what I eat, I clean myself right. I shower everyday. I just don't know what to do anymore ..


— & how long should you wait to have sex after using monistat?

— I just bought the Azo pills this morning, just took one right now. Also bought Monistat 3. But wont use that till tonight. But how will i know if im all clean since I'm using the Azo pills after I'm all done with monistat 3?

— Your partner can be causing u to keep getting the infection as well .

— I’ve had the same issues before especially after my second . Boric acid pills saved my life ! You can get them on amazon but any smell is literally gone overnight . They have instructions on how to use them for when u have infections .

— I had reaccuring BV issues but for about 5 months I’ve been good. Been taking probiotics and a cranberry vitamin. Take it everyday and eat a low sugar diet. I have two cheat days a week with sugar and this has helped me tremendously. Switch to stevia which is a natural healthier sweetener and better than cane sugar. Also usually after I take antibiotics for the BV I get a yeast infection so they usually prescribe something for that. Maybe you could have a yeast infection now? My BV and yeast infection are usually very similar so I just take the yeast infection pill and everything usually goes away.

— What kind of cranberry vitamins? & do you think I could use Monistat 3 to see if that helps with anything, I was thinking to use Monistat 3 to see if that would help & if not then to follow up with my doctor. Have you used these yeast infection pills on the picture above?

— @magdalenamata320, ask your doctor to prescribe a pill for yeast infection. I find that the stuff they prescribe is way stronger than monistat. The pill my doctor prescribed me is called fluconazole and she gives me two of them. I take the first one and wait a week to take the second and all symptoms disappear after I take the first pill but I take the second one just to be safe. Also the cranberry vitamin I use is from the spring valley brand.

— Take probiotics. The antibiotics kill all the good and bad bacteria. The probiotics will help get the good bacteria back. Without it you'll just keep getting BV.

— I understand every bit of this !!! I had this issue after I had my daughter and literally had to take pills everyday then got pregnant with my son n still had to take them while I was pregnant bkz I kept getting it like every 2-3 weeks.. after I had him it all stopped .. I had no idea wat was causing it .. Bt the doctor told me my urethra could have shifted a bit after giving birth to my daughter which can cause u to get bacteria easier down there .