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So ladies I need some advice. My son has autism but I have …

So ladies I need some advice. My son has autism but I have to wait until he is 3 to know where he is on the spectrum. He is non verbal and doesn't understand when he is being spoken to (doesn't understand words) he also has problems with his hearing that are being assessed but lately he has been taking his pants and nappy off and crying anytime we put one on him. I think he may be ready for potty training but I'm worried as he doesn't understand alot and can't tell me in any way if he needs a toilet has anybody been in a similar situation and has any advice? I have researched it and it says just to put him on the potty until he does something and praise him when he does but just looking to see if there is any personal experience I can go off?


— Agree with the PECS you can also start simple by using photos of familiar things. Also makaton is great to start teaching young you can use with pecs and speach so that little man can communicate back a little too x

— Have you heard of PECS - picture exchange communication system. Also do you have a speech and language therapist as they would be super helpful in understanding how to use PECS. There are some YouTube videos about showing how to use them.

— I do I had his autism nurse out this morning and she was telling me about it and said to order some pictures to help him so I've ordered some off Amazon xxxx

— Have you tried looking into signs ? Like there is a sign for toilet that he might find easier to learn than words. It could be something to look into. Xx

— I have been teaching myself sign language and makaton to be able to help him communicate but he doesn't quite understand the concept of it. It was saying online to use pictures round the house and teach them to stand by a picture when they need to go but I'm not sure osian has that sort of patients 🙂 xx

— @kirikatrina oh I work in a nursery and we had to show a little boy a picture when we were going out into the garden or else he would get really upset if we were just to start leaving the playroom. It could be an option

— @beveridge.s I'm going to order some when I get his potty hopefully if he sees it enough he will get use to it. Thanks Hun xxx