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With school coming back,and me trying to help my mental sta…

With school coming back,and me trying to help my mental state,I decided to really work on fixing myself. Starting with my outside. I havn't been to a doctor in years. And I just started with the dentist. My entire left side is messed up. My ankle always swells. My knee locks up and my wrist and elbow always feel cramped up. I'm terrified. I don't do well with dentist or doctors (was fine with my obgyn, but only her, other ones freaked me out). My parents were very neglectful and didn't take us to appointments and when we did go, we were so messed up that the hospitals and dentists were traumatizing. I havn't been able to go as an adult bc of the trauma, bc of not having a sitter or bc of what ever was happening in life. But mainly the trauma. I just want to feel better. Physically and emotionally


— You seriously just described me too girl! My parents never ever took me to a doctor. I went to a dentist 1 time when I was 9, was supposed to go back and get a filling and braces, never went back. Weird rash? Nah... It left a scar on my thigh turns out years later I recognize as MRSA. Instead of stitches on my eyebrow, leg or foot (all different accidents) they put butterfly bandaids on it. 🤦 I could go on and on and on... I neglected my health after i moved out bc it was normal for me. 3 years ago I finally decided to get myself healthy and went to the dentist 5 years ago and spent thousands.
I learned to make myself priority too!
Just like a car or home, it's important to do maintenance on ourselves too! Seriously, you got this girl. Be easy on yourself. You matter! ❤

— 🥺🥺 thank youuuu. Life's been rough .y entire 26years. But I have these beautiful babies and I want them to do better than I ever did. And I want to be healthy enough to watch them grow and grow. I have to start somewhere, and now. So I'm forcing myself to do it

— @allyzmommyxlw 💜💜💜 that's all you can do boo! Gotta start somewhere! Believe it or not you started at the right spot with your teeth! It can cause so many health problems i didn't know about until I started going!
Give yourself time! It's gonna take time to get where you need to be physically and emotionally but I promise, it'll happen with time. Just take the steps to do it! Good luck, honey!

— @another.shot.of.whiskey thank you! That means so much

— My parents did the same. I’m sorry. I hope you find happiness in yourself and see you are worth it! You are amazing.

— Thank youuu 💙💙