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Has anybody on here done the sneak peek blood test to find …

Has anybody on here done the sneak peek blood test to find out babies gender???


— I did with my 4th and found out he was a boy at 10 weeks

— @mimixtmn, I’m assuming it was right? my biggest fear is it being wrong lol! bought it from the website cause it is on sale but I can’t do it until The end of the month

— @lilaa_dunne16, yes it was correct. As long as you are far enough along and follow the instructions so you don’t cross contaminate it will be accurate. If you do it too early you can get false girl and if you cross contaminate you can get a false boy. I did it at my moms house in the spare bedrooms ensuite, I sterilized it multiple times lol. I watched multiple videos prior to doing it that were saying the test gave false result but when I watched them doing the test it was obvious they didn’t follow the directions and were touching all sorts of stuff after sanitizing their hands but before doing the test.

— @mimixtmn, good to know! Thank you!!

— Id wait until 10 weeks and do the genetics test at the OB.

— My insurance doesn’t cover it

— This is what I’m taking about!! I figured it would be fun try especially since hubby can’t come to appointments with me!

— I did it with my daughter and it was right. I got it done when they did all the genetic screenings

— A girl on here did and it ended up being wrong 🙃 I don't remember her username

— I got one with my first. Not as a sneak peek thing though they did it because I was high risk and doing lots of tests anyway.