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Had my 12 week 1 day appointment yesterday! Everything went…

Had my 12 week 1 day appointment yesterday! Everything went well! Doctor asked me if I felt comfortable now with stretching my visits out instead of being scanned every 2 weeks due to my history. I told him yes, since things seem to be going well. I'm close to being out of my 1st trimester now, so I'm starting to feel like I'm in my 'somewhat' safe zone. So I'll go back in 4 weeks, instead of 2! Finally get to stop my progesterone, thank GOD !! Also, I lost a pound but that's likely because my nausea meds dont seem to work well anymore and it's still hard to eat. On top of working outside in the heat ! Yall, I was so overwhelmed watching my little one move around everywhere. It was non stop active... I cried... it's such a blessing to see, especially when you've had multiple losses and have had to contain the excitement of being pregnant again because of fear. It was happy tears !! My due date has been changed to february 9th ! I also had to take the materniT21 blood test because I'm 35 and the risks for downs syndrome and other things go up at 35 and older. I should get results back in 5 days to a week. I'm nervous about that. Also, I may know gender then as well, but I think I'll wait and let it be a surprise when I go back at 16 weeks! Babys heartrate was 162bpm. Any gender guesses for nub theory or skull theory ?? Let's hear !!


— So exciting!! I’m glad everything is going well. I hope the nausea eases off soon. Keep us updated with the gender, I’m no good at guessing these theories.

— Girl neither am I! Lol I hope the nausea goes away soon too. It's been so bad, makes work hard especially with the summer heat of louisiana ! I've been having to force myself to eat. Thanks for checking up on me! I'll let you know gender when I get the call this week. I think I'll end up being an all girl mom. 😂😂😂

— So excited to see you and baby are doing well!! I only come on here once in a while and always check for updates from you so excited for you and your family angi.

— Awww thank you hun !! I should find out babys gender sometime this week, around thursday. I'm nervous itll be another girl. Lol how are you ??!

— @angikay, I’m good I’m having a girl this will be my second girl and my daughter is over the moon she always watches my boys play and says it isn’t fair and she needs a sister lol well now she’s getting one and I’m so happy.

— Congratulations again love💖💖💖. So lovely to see that your pregnancy is progressing after what you’ve been through. So so happy for you!!xx

— Thank you so much hun!! 🥰🥰

— @angikay, 🥰🥰🥰

— Omg that last pick sucking it’s thumb is adorable!! I’m guessing girl again!

— Thanks hun !! Isnt it cute ?? Lol

— Looks VERY similar to Kai's 12 week sono so I'm sayin boy also! Congrats again girl!! 😘

— Thanks hun !! 🥰🥰😘😘

— I’m so happy for you love! I’m thinking boy as well ❤️

— Thank you !! I hope so !!

— I took the progenity innatal blood test to check for abnormalities, trisomy 18, down syndrome etc etc and found the gender out Wednesday! Took about a week for the results! Mine has been 159 at 7 weeks and 172 at 11 weeks! It's a girl. I think yours is a girl too!

— @lifewithlynnieandwill88 I havent either but maybe I'm just a worrier !! Lol i hope everything is okay with my little, I'm getting older so it worries me. I have had a feeling Mine is a boy. Tim says he JUST KNOWS it's a boy. So we shall see.

— @angikay try not to worry🙏 I hope you get your boy!!

— @lifewithlynnieandwill88 thank you !!

— Boy

— @angikay, yayyy. By the skull theory I think it’s a boy too 🤞🏾

— @kx2girlmommy when I looked at skull theory, I thought boy also. The gender experts said that because my baby wasnt lying straight in the scans, the nub wasnt as visible as it should be making it harder to predict so they did the skull theory instead and they predicted girl. But all the scans I looked at of boys skulls, looks like my babys skull. This should be interesting to find out when it's time!!

— @kx2girlmommy I wish they could have done the nub instead, like I ordered, but my baby wouldn't stop moving during my scan, so it was impossible to get a good picture of it laying straight. I think the nub theory would be a more accurate prediction than the skull.

— I am thinking boy !!☺️☺️

— Thank you !! So am I!

— That's what weve been hoping for !

— @angikay baby boy dust to momma