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So ladies my oldest is 12 her sperm donor i don’t even cons…

So ladies my oldest is 12 her sperm donor i don’t even consider him her father my husband has raised her since she was 6 yrs old she has been going every other weekend to her fathers since she was 8 he never really spent time with her never been to any school event or anything basically just sees her when she’s there for maybe a hour or to because he either sleeping or work or just doesn’t bother he lives with his girlfriend and her parents I’ve always let her make her own choices I never speak bad about him in front of her since COVID started she stopped going over there because she has a younger brother and sister at home she just didn’t feel comfortable which I was fine with over the whole time she was home he called her twice that’s it didn’t even wish her a happy birthday she then went over there for a day then came home then a couple weeks ago she went over there for the whole weekend she told them like she told me she didn’t wanna stay there maybe a day then they obviously didn’t say anything about it but he made a big deal saying I’m keeping her from him which is not it at all I didn’t get into it with him because I told him it’s her choice she’s old enough to make her own decision so she texted him yesterday because it’s his weekend she said mom I’m gonna stay home and hang out with you guys I said ok that’s fine just text your father and tell him he never responded to her like ok I’ll see you another day nothing he basically ignored her message and I’m pissed I wanna say something to him then I don’t he made his bed so I wanna let him lay in it but like he made a big deal before because she doesn’t wanna go over there and begged her to come didn’t spend any time with her she sat in her room all weekend and now he just doesn’t acknowledge her me and him have a long history but he has three kids she’s the second child his son doesn’t like him and he just had a baby and basically pays no mind to my child and I know she’s hurt she told me she feels like he just doesn’t care because how he is with her am I wrong for not saying something or should I speak up I’ve always told him he has to be a real parent for years I’ve just got tired of it and now it’s at the point where he probably won’t see her at all because of his choices and I respect my daughters choice she just wants love and attention and she isn’t getting that there


— I’m 31 I’ve always try to have a relationship with my father he rather be with all different woman every night then take care of his kids he treated my mom like crap and he never did anything for us I’m glad I cut him off when I was 18 he was just toxic he try’s to talk to me but it’s literally a 2 min conversation I just don’t need that in my life I’m happier with out him being in it

— Personally I'm glad my mom let my dad show his true colors. I was 15 always trying to make a bond with him until I was 20 years old. I'm sure it upset my mom to see me hurt by him, but I'm glad she didnt step in. He was addicted to meth for roughly 22 years. He got clean 2 years ago, but honestly it was too little too late. I spent 10 years trying to get his love and attention, but in the end it's his loss. And I'm glad I got to make the decision to cut him off.

— I'd wanna something to but I think your daughter has said what needed to be said now he can feel that burn of not having his daughter because he didn't put an effort in being her dad and being there. I'm sorry y all gotta go through that

— @tittysprinkles, I’ve always told her that her opinion matters and her words matter we are very open and talk about everything but when it comes to her dad I only say my opinion because I’ve been down this road with my father and me and him have no relationship because of his choices

— @jaelei and that's good she can relate to you because I'm sure it does hurt but she knows it's his fault and his loss missing out on raising a wonderful daughter

— @tittysprinkles, that is his loss and I’ve told him for yrs step up and be a real parent to her I got tired of saying it I stalk my kids 🤣🤣 like that’s the kind of parent she needs like he has never bought her anything in his life never asked about school event or anything going on in her life she didn’t go to his house for 4 months he called twice over 2 months then forgot about her birthday I think that’s what really bothered her

— Yup that’s why I cut mine out the picture I said u want to see them pay for it 💯 never heard from them again.. hopefully he pays child support

— I get child support weekly but it’s nothing I don’t care about that I just wanted him to have a relationship with her and that basically going down the drain because of how he is like she said straight up imma stay home this weekend I’ll go over there when I feel like it we don’t have a court order it’s only a agreement but with child support we have a court order I’ve always taken care of her so basically I have custody but I feel like I might need to go thru court so it’s on the paperwork

— @jaelei, ya can’t make him be a dad 🤷🏼‍♀️ I wouldn’t even waste my time she will understand when she’s older it’s him not you