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I'm having such a hard time. I feel like a failure. My daug…

I'm having such a hard time. I feel like a failure. My daughter's pediatrician thinks she's failure to thrive weight and height wise. She eats a lot I cut up meats, fruits for her that she eats she eats mac n cheese, spaghetti, beans, eggs. She just doesn't gain that quickly or her weight fluctuates. Developmentally she's doing great and meeting all those milestones the only one that has been slightly delayed is walking but she pulls herself up, cruises everywhere, can let go and stand on her own for more a good bit and has taken a few steps on her own so she's getting there. Her clubfoot treatment put her behind a little bit on the walking aspects. Everywhere else she's good. She's such an active and happy and silly baby so getting news like that is devastating and I feel like I've failed her somehow. Her pediatrician is kind of baffled by it as well because when he picks her up he said her muscle tone is good and it sounds like she should be getting enough calories. He thinks it might be an iron deficiency or thyroid problems maybe she we had blood drawn to test for it. We don't get the results until friday or sometime next week but I just want to sit here and cry.


— My daughter was having a hard time gaining weight after she turned 2 and, I found out she was lactose intolerant like my son. Had diarrhea a lot from dairy , caused her weightloss .

— So far she's ok with milk no diarrhea or anything but I'm thinking maybe it's an iron issue my family has a lot of iron issues.

— How tall is she? How much does she weigh? What were her measurements at birth? Are you and you DH petite people? Have they taken family stature into consideration? Blood draw will hopefully give more answers. Hope they figure this all out for her/you!

— @aylenrose Obviously I am not a doctor. But, here is my opinion based on the extensive medical knowledge I have gained through personal experiences:
If your daughter is excelling in physical and mental abilities, gaining milestones and able to do everything that is expected of her at this age of only 14 months then I would think she is function at her normal even if if is outside of the norms. My dear friend has a just turned 2 year old who only weighs 20lbs. His sister who is 5 is only 40 pounds. They are thin and light. I hope this is the case for your DD. I hope it is just her normal. My own ped was worried about my girls in the beginning but eventually said everything I just shared with you. How this brings you comfort and that all is truly well!!!

— @xryztalroze thank you! That's what everyone else has been telling me because she acts 100% fine and she eats until she is full and my mom said she was smaller too and really feels like this is just her normal. My son is 3 and is only 27lbs so he's on the low end to but the smartest boy ever and super active.

— @aylenrose Sound alike you have beautiful and healthy children! I hope they continue to thrive and that the worry is for nothing!