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So the suicidal thought are back, I almost wrecked my car l…

So the suicidal thought are back, I almost wrecked my car last night. I think it’s time to get help. I have no help in my personal life and at this point I really want to die, death is on my mind 24/7 and it’s not healthy. What would you guys recommend psychologist or psychiatrist. I don’t know how much more I can hold on.

Now I lay me down to sleep,
I pray the lord my soul to leave,

And when I die before I wake,
Pray my daughter sees better days

The plays on repeat in my head all day and night.


— At this stage I would find someone to temporarily care for my kid and check into a facility to get the ball rolling and work on getting in to a psychiatrist for ongoing help.

— And I read your comments about meds. If you didn’t feel like yourself they weren’t the right meds. The right ones and right dose make you feel like you. Ones not a cure all for everyone. Working with a psychiatrist will help monitor your meds and make sure they’re the right ones.

— 💚💚💚

— Do you have a primary care doctor? Start there. Psychiatrists can take a while to get in with, maybe they can make an emergency call to one they know and get you squeezed in. Inpatient would work.

You are strong and can get past this. I know you don't feel this way probably right now, but you are needed in this world and there are better days ahead.

— Try teladoc itll be more immediate for a behavioral specialist....go to psychology today they have therapists that work on a sliding scale so that means its case by case so they work with you financially

— Hey girl ik we have never talked but ik what ur going though I struggle with them thoughts and feelings daily. Some days are harder then others ik the feeling to sit and contemplate weather to check urself in or step off the edge. To see yourself smash ur car into a tree or in the lake to think today would be a good day to drink myself to death or how easy it would be to swallow a box of pills and take a nap. The days u have to ask ur self is there even a point to pull together and move on if i wanna actually go to work or just be the next missing case. Then my brother died them feels amplified i drove around for hours just thinking iv wrote my notes iv seen it happen many many times iv thought so much it hurts iv self harmed and had misguided anger. And if it wasnt for somone forcing me to do what I had to do i probably would be dead. Iv gone though the rehabs the mental hospitals the doctors therapist several drugs iv done it all I normally keep this stuff to myself and call it anxiety but I wanted you to know that I felt this i hear you i see you if you need anything im here a rant a talk someone to push you back onto land iv been there i am there i understand so if you need anything just let me know

— Hey girl I'm sorry you been feelings this it's hard and scary always here if you need to talk

— Thank you so much

— I’d start with a psychiatrist...they can prescribe medications if necessary.

I get all those feelings. I have PTSD/anxiety/depression with the icing on the cake being my mother’s own suicide almost 12 years ago. I see a psychologist because I cope without meds and use exercise, acupuncture, meditation and what not. However in the beginning after my mother committed suicide I saw a psychiatrist because I really thought I might have to be medicated while I learned to cope. I’ve gotten it down to twice a month with the ability to email my psychologist and she makes time for me if I really need it, even if it’s just a quick phone call.

Right now everyone is seen online through zoom or a patient portal but it’s still as effective for me. I hope you find someone that’s a good fit to talk to.

— I’ve been on medication for depression and anxiety when I was 18 but it made me feel not like myself so I stopped taking it I smoke weed when my anxiety is too bad but I have so much bottled in from my young adulthood until now and I truly feel it’s gonna kill me

— @taylorsmommy, sometimes the first meds aren’t the right ones. Often when you don’t feel like yourself it’s the dosage or an incompatible medication overall.
Also, you may have to try a few therapists to find a good fit. Check out psychology today. They have a search engine where you can look for various therapists whether a psychologist, psychiatrist, LFT, LCSW. You can even plug in your insurance info to check and see if they accept your insurance. That’s how I found mine. Her profile was perfect as she too has her own PTSD and is a suicide survivor as well.

Also in whatever county you’re in they should have a mental health access line for medi-cal recipients. That’s also a great resource to look.

You’ve already taken the hardest step, admitting you need help. Pat yourself on the back for that, give yourself some grace and keep trying to find the help you need.

— LordJesus Bless! Give her strength to overcome and guide her thoughts🙏🙏🙏I rebuke you Satan!! In lord Jesus name! The devil has no power here!! None!! Lord Jesus touch her mind, her thoughts! We thank you! Watch over and keep her family safe! Lord Jesus name WE pray..Amen!🙏❤

— Stay strong you can fight through this I was seeing a psychologist for a while and it was so helpful at times I fall back into my dark place but talking to someone has helped me so much. I started having suicidal thoughts in high school and up until 5 years ago was always trying to end it but the past 5 years talking weekly to a professional has helped so much. Call someone because you are so important and your daughter loves you more then anything and needs you so much.

— The sad part about it i truly feel like my daughter would be so much better without me I truly suck at being a mom

— @taylorsmommy you are her mom and I bet you are amazing to her and do everything for her. Your daughter love you. Its hard to see the positive I know that stay strong and fight for your life because when you reach out and start getting some help and someone to talk to i promise its worth it. Please find a professional to talk to your life is important even if you don't believe that right now.

— Have you considered an inpatient treatment center? Would that be possible for you?

— I’ve thought about it but my boyfriends job is ending and if I do we won’t have an income

— its tay. (new name) message me now!

— I followed you I was gonna message you on snap but I haven’t seen you post in a while

— @taylorsmommy i havent been on

— I don’t know much about the different types of doctors, but maybe start by calling the crisis hotline and they can point you in the right direction. I’m so sorry you’re going through this and I pray you get the help you need.

— @taylorsmommy, I think a psychiatrist can prescribe medication if it’s needed. I would definitely try the crisis hotline though. They can help you with any questions you have

— @llcoolkay, I was on medication when I was 18 for anxiety and depression but I stopped taking it because I didn’t feel like myself

— @taylorsmommy, ahh okay. Then maybe a psychologist can help you learn ways to cope without meds. Or maybe they just need to find the right meds for you. I’ve heard it takes a while to find the right combination of meds.