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hurry up tomorrow or Wednesday. i'm done and over it 😣

hurry up tomorrow or Wednesday.

i'm done and over it 😣


— Girl yes! I'm stealing this lol

— Are u having a scheduled c section? I can’t even believe u will be having the girls soon!

— as of right now since both are heads down we are doing vaginal birth if baby b doesn't flip from now to wednesday

— @beautiful_disaster, oh wow. That would be awesome! My mom has me and my twin vaginally!

— 😂😂😂... So me.. You are so close love.. just a few more weeks. I know... Not want you want to hear. And you are tired... Just want it to be over. I feel you.. you closer then I am. You got this...

— @beautiful_disaster I hope next few days go fast. So you can hold your babies. I have always been so fascinated with people that can carry more than one baby. With this little guy he has been moving like crazy lately ( I think her is turning again)
So do your babies move at the same time or do they take turns? And do you have different cravings for both of them or both of them for the same thing.

— @family1stalways, sometimes they both get to moving in there feels like they are fighting with each other which is really a weird feeling sometime one will move around and not the other i have noticed baby A is my more active baby she's the one that definitely moves the most and the hardest. with cravings it's been about the same like it was with jerri all i've craved is sweets and every once in awhile spicy food. at the beginning i craved meat and spicy food and thought we were for sure having a boy

— @beautiful_disaster that was me with my youngest daughter all I wanted was spicy food and I thought she was going to be a boy 2

— Girl I’ve got a while to go lol 😐😂

— Tomorrow tomorrow tomorrow 😂

— I am sure you are. You've done a beautiful job carrying those twins.

— thanks love ❤️