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Good everyday sandals for a size 6 toddler girls

Good everyday sandals for a size 6 toddler girls


— I thought I commented a link but I can’t see it. So here it is again lol


— Omg these are CUTE

— Native has the best sandals with the Velcro straps that can also go in water.

— We like these too.

— Check Stride Rite or Saltwater

— Oh saltwater that’s them thanks

— @mamaof2soon, you’re welcome. Just a heads up, the Saltwater with thicker sole is my favorite because they’re not only cute but allows them extra cushion for a more comfortable wear.

— I bought these for my daughter z they fit great and they come
In white

— Those are cute lemme go look 👀

I actually ordered some from Amazon like last week but they smelled horrible and they look so tacky

— @mamaof2soon, they go with a lot of
Things ! The traction on them is great !

— Do you have a budget? We really like Keen sandals

— Look above lol 😂

— @mamaof2soon, I see that now lol

— Keen sandals

Edit: just saw your additional requirements. Never mind. My daughter always needed the more supportive type

— Lol those are actually cute
But they don’t fit her clothing but she wear like tutus little shorts dresses etc

I’m actually going to order the silver sparkly pair but they don’t have her size

— @mamaof2soon, haha My daughter demands dresses everyday but we still keep her in keens and sneakers

— I like crocs or croc type. They are cute, you can clean them, and they are durable. I've had so many cute shoes that the glitter and embellishments rubbed off in 10 minutes of playing.

— So she has one pair crocs that pretty much she wears to go back outside in the backyard on the grass or To run quick errand

But she needs like a nice cute Mary Jane white pair to wear with like her dresses and stuff

Thanks kids love crocs especially my son all he wanna wear lol