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Question about house hold bills: How do you and your signi…

Question about house hold bills:

How do you and your significant other handles bills? Childcare? Rent? All the extras.

Do you split it equally? 50/50?


— My husband just gives me half of everything he makes and I deal with all the bills. Then we split stuff for the kids separate from that.

— My husband is the one that works. He pays for EVERYTHING and puts money in my savings account.

— We’ve always had joint checking and joint savings since we got married. But we both have some separate credit cards.
We respect each other and our financial situation not to make big purchases without talking to each other first. Since I’m a sahm and he’s currently taking chemo for his 2 cancers.

— Since I’m currently not working my husband does pay for pretty much everything. I pay for my phone, one of the credit cards and when I get a new car I’ll help pay for the insurance as well. But he covers mainly everything financially, and I take care of the house hold lol

— My husband works. I stay home with kids. We have joint account. I'm better at budgeting so I take care of all the bills 😂

— We're not married, but together 11 years and separate bank accounts. We split things pretty evenly. He has like 3 communal bills and I have 3 communal bills we pay for separately. We split the mortgage, he pays me and then I pay the mortgage and then we split groceries. Works out fairly well. Im all about financial independence.

— All under one account.

— Yes we do 50/50 on rent, electricity, things the kids need and household essentials. Our phone bills, gas and subscriptions we get every month we pay on our own.

Our cars are paid off thankfully.

— We have a joint bank account that his money goes into automatically for bills, mortgage, groceries, car payments.. Ect. I have my own bank account for fun stuff, clothes, toys and a savings too. When we first got together, he knew I was in a past relationship that was bad, so we agreed i'd always have a separate bank account for a "just in case" scenario. I spoil him though with stuff from my account. The guy has literally anything he wants, I buy him since he takes care of the household bills.

— Yes me and my husband split everything 50/50

— My husband and I make a great living so for bills he handles mortgage, heat, water, and I pay for everything else and we both pay for our own car insurance credit cards

— We have a joint account that we both put money into to cover all the bills. It’s split pretty fairly, this year I’ve put more in because he’s on work comp and makes less. Other years he’s put in more than me. We are flexible with who contributes how much depending on the situation. We also have separate accounts so we can still do things like surprise each other with gifts. I pay for my personal fun and habits. Not only that, everyone needs a sense of financial independence even when married. It works for us...

— We have a joint checking account and joint savings account. Paychecks get direct deposited and all the bills are paid from the checking account. I don’t keep track of who pays what.

— We are the same way.

— Before I stopped working we split bills based off of a percentage of our take home income. Ex. hubby brought home $8k and I brought home $5k= $13k total. So I contributed towards 40% of household related expenses versus the 60% that he contributed.

— Depends on the individual incomes in some households. But my husband pays the mortgage and all the house utility bills. I buy all the food & household products needed etc. I hate when he shops anyways 🤣I also pay my car note and other bills/ cc I have