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Has anyone else had this problem?? 😞 I've been having prob…

Has anyone else had this problem?? 😞 I've been having problems with my wrists but now it's just the right one/ my right hand. It stopped hurting for a couple of months but then started again recently like 2 months ago. I have this very sharp pain in my wrist & hand , I can barely lift up or press against anything without it hurting. It's not broke or anything because I can still use it but I was just lifting up on a small box that maybe weighed 10 pounds and something pulled in it again. It started from me doing push ups bc I would do like 30 a day, my arms were nice & strong and I could lift up on things I couldn't normally. I read push ups can be very bad on your wrists and have long term damage... I stopped for a couple months now I think ima just lift weights.


— Do u type a lot on the computer? I was thinking Carpel tunnel also

— No I usually just use my phone. I'm thinking it was from push ups I didn't have problems till then

— I was gonna say that too, carpel tunnel or could be a pinched nerve up in the neck or shoulders. Have had both so speaking from experience. Hope you get some relief

— Thanks , it's in my right hand.. I use my right hand for mostly everything , except writing lol I'm a left handed writer.

— @kimsnowden8593 yep probably carpel tunnel. Wear a brace, you can get them anywhere for about$10 I think. It helps alot

— @grannyruiz thanks my husband said I needed a brace but my dumb self keeps forgetting

— Maybe Carpal tunnel

— Idk I don't have a numbing or tingling, I think it's something that got pulled or something that hasn't had a chance to heal. Still sucks , I don't like my arms being all weak now lol