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My son is getting his tongue tie snipped Wednesday was wond…

My son is getting his tongue tie snipped Wednesday was wondering do they numb it at all or not?


— My daughter had hers done at 5 weeks old no pain relief or numbing, but it was over in seconds I cried more than her 🙈

— My son had his done when he was a newborn. They give pain relief (maybe it's just sucrose) but that doesn't numb. I think they want to assess how well baby eats after the procedure is over, and numbing would affect that 🤷🏿‍♀️

— Just looked at how old he is, they don’t have nerves when they’re little like @tam96, said so they may not, it’s probably best to get it done at that age x

— My son was put to sleep to have his done, but I did have the option of while he was awake and they did say they’d numb it🤷🏼‍♀️x

— I don't think they do while they are still so little as they haven't developed a nerve there yet so it doesn't hurt them and it's ment to be a quick process, my youngest is tongue tied but they wouldn't do him but he's now gona have it done but under anesthetic I'm gutted it couldn't of just been done from the start but he's never had any problems so far I just wanted it doing incase the problems did come with it like his speech ect. Anyways goodluck hope lil man is doing well and yourself. Xx

— Mine haven’t had it done but I would imagine they don’t as it can be dangerous having a numb tongue and they are so small they could easily numb too much. They will likely just give sucrose for an instant pain relief