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I’d like to know opinions on this topic. https://www.yaho…

I’d like to know opinions on this topic.



— @amouryaya09, @ekko, I had ppd with my daughter. Not to mention hyperemesis with both AND I was discharged after 24 hours the last time and not a single soul helped me. I was alone with a newborn and 2 yr old. His mom and sister were both like “oh sorry we can’t get out of work”. You only had 9 months notice. No biggie. My poor husband had just started a new job 2 weeks before and felt like he had to go in. My family lives in ny. I’m in GA. Nah but it’s cool, I’ll have another baby because you think I should. 🥴🥴

— Wow! They sound so selfish. 🤦🏽‍♂️

— @amouryaya09, @ekko, so the reason I ask because this scenario happened to me very early on in my relationship with my husband. It was maybe my second or third time over and at dinner, in front of him, his father and maternal grandmother, his mother blurts out “you’re using condoms, right?!”. My face was like 😱😨 and before I can say a thing his grandmother chimes in “what kind of question is that? She’s probably on birth control. What year is it?!”I was mortified. Thankfully my husband yelled at them and said “can you not ask my gf stupid questions in front of everyone? It’s none of your business!” To this day I still have feelings about it. I should’ve known what I was getting into then and run...fast as hell! She should’ve been asking my husband and it definitely shouldn’t have been in the middle of dinner. Thankfully his sister and her bf weren’t there because it would’ve felt so much worse.

— @amouryaya09, whaaaaaaaaaaaat?!?!?? She needs a therapist. Somethings not right there

— @mswedes, they all need therapy! I’m still like wtf did I marry into. 🤣

— @amouryaya09, my dad has literally said to me “well you picked them” and I have to say “no! I married him. They just think I married them too”

— She should be talking to her son about birth control that he should be using.

— This. The idea that only females are responsible for birth control is antiquated and rooted in the patriarchal nature of our society. This mom needs to worry about her own son who can create more babies in a short amount of time than that teenage girl could.

— @ekko, 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 all of this!!!

— That mom was way out of line. That question is personal. She barely knows the girl. Who does she think she is dictating what the girl does with her body? Absolute madness.