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Today was a strange day when I walked outside. I saw more p…

Today was a strange day when I walked outside. I saw more people out today then I have seen since the last few months. As I walked by a quiet cute suburban area, I saw a man mow his lawn with a mask on, another person water his plants with a mask on and people walking by slowly, staring at others. I felt like for a moment that I was back in the 1940’s in a small town where they would do nuclear testing. 😂 It felt like I was in another time zone. Like twilight zone. I’m glad that most people had their mask on though.


— @2sweetie, yeah I was surprised when they did that lol. That’s why I thought it was kind of creepy when I walked by like if it was a twilight zone episode. 😂

— Why are they wearing them in their own yards? Weird.

— I understand the one on the lawn mower. My father in law has to if not his allergies kill him

— @massgirl, yeah I was surprised when I saw that. That’s why I felt like if I was in an episode of twilight zone lol.

— Yeah it's freaking weird 😂

— Probably because its more congested.

— Do people really wear masks in their own yards?🤔....no one around here wears them on their own property.

— @icebergahead, it’s usually quite in my neighborhood but I’m surprised that the next town over is more quite and it ended up being more packed than my area. I was very surprised with how lively it was. Most of these houses that I pass by, you barley see anyone by their property. Today a lot of people were outside of their house.

— This is daily. Its tough when you have to wear them for extended amount of time. I appreciate people who do still use them. It is tough in the warmer weather months.