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Hey ladies I just would like to share my good news with you…

Hey ladies I just would like to share my good news with you guys after one year of TTC I am finally pregnant!!!
The past year was very stressful I am not gonna lie but some of you lovely ladies was always there with the great advice
And I would love to thank @angikay, Who help me with tempting for the first time because I had no idea what I was doing she was always there hyping me up lol so I had a stress free cycle! I would send her my chart every day and she would explain everything to me! Thank you mama
I’m Super excited!!!!!


— From the first day of her last period, until she got a positive , and even still !! 😍😍

— @angikay, lol never mind I think I got it

— @kuteluv1 u got it, yayyy !!!

— @angikay, 😊😊😊😊😊😊

— I walked her through literally everything. Day by day. I'm so happy for her !!

— Awww so sweet !! I'm so glad I was able to help you love !! Congrats again for the millionth time !! Lol

— You were the FIRST to tell her that too weren't ya?!?! I just KNOW it!! Lol!

— @leonardsquared absolutely!! I was virtually with her when she took the test and waited for her to send me the pictures of the test!! Lol

— Congrats!!

— Thank youuuuu

— She's a real sweet and genuine person. It doesn't surprise me ONE bit she was so quick to help and support you! She's good people.

Congrats to you and the sweet baby!!

— She is the best I wish I can give her a big hug
And thank you mama

— Congrats!!!

— Thank you

— Congrats!!

— Thank you 😊

— Congratulations! 😊

— Thanks 🙏🏽

— Yay congratulations!

— Thank you and congratulations to you toooo ma

— @kuteluv1 thank you💕

— Congratulations!

— Thank you 😊