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I have an 11 year old who has adhd and his voice is often s…

I have an 11 year old who has adhd and his voice is often seems harsh or rude and loud when hes not realizing it. But hes also on medication that causes him to be angry and mean. That's one of the side effects is aggressiveness. Well my 2 year old is obssessed with him and alot of times wants to hang out with him
She walked into his room and he yelled at her to go away. Then I hear in the kitchen hes yelling at her to be quiet. I don't know what to do. I've told him time and time again not to yell at her. He doesnt listen to me. Same thing when he comes at me being rude alot (which I honestly think he doesnt realize it.) But I don't know what to do about his attitude


— He can probably benefit from therapy. In speech-language therapy we deal with clients who have social language disorder due to their inability to read other people and act appropriately. It’s called theory of mind. He has a hard time putting himself in other people’s shoes. He may not mean to be rude, but he is. And he may need to be taught literally what is rude and what is not.

— Exactly... the beginning of this sounds like him
He has a hard time understanding other people and their actions and his own

— If the medicine is making him more aggressive he needs another medicine or to have something added. Does he have therapy? Have you tried intensive in home or outpatient? Does he have a case manager? Have you expressed the affects to his medicine dr?

— Yes. I talked to his dr and she just said the stimulant meds like most adhd meds that's always a side effect. She kind of was just saying that's going to happen with meds for adhd. Cant go around it. He did try aderral after but it made him more aggressive then the meds hes on now. I've been thinking about therapy but idk with this covid 19 if therapists are accepting new patients

— @anicole3285, mine is getting his therapy virtually. I think he’s old enough to be able to do it too. Even just for an evaluation. Couldn’t hurt to try!

— @anicole3285, my son takes meds for his adhd. He is in two meds. We found a mood stabilizer and an adhd medicine that work for him together. It’s a trial and error. Some meds make him more aggressive and impulsive. Speak to them about adding in a mood stabilizer. Has he been on respirdol ?

— I’d get his meds switched mine were on resperdol for along time and it seemed to help some