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I see you creeping on me. I hear you whispering in my ear. …

I see you creeping on me. I hear you whispering in my ear. I feel the pressure you put in my soul and my brain. I can tell the light is getting darker eventhough the sun is out. Ik your here to cause hell you always do. Ik your going to hurt me you enjoy that. Ik what you do but idk why?
Why are you so cold?
Why are you so strong
Why do get such pleasure on ones pain
Why don't you let me go and leave me be
Why do you like causing distress
Why do you like people to loose to die
Why do you do what you do.
Also what are you? Your not human ur not ghost ur always hear and you have no fear iv tried getting rid of you but your always here. Please leave my body and let me be. I want to live i want to love I want to be happy please just leave me


— I didn't read what you wrote until now...
It sound like you're going through depression sister same exact way I always feel mixed with other issues

— @hakunamafuckitall will I tried to message you but cannot find you.. If you need me I am here.

— @family1stalways you have to follow me to message me I sent you one

— @hakunamafuckitall ok

— So true...It really is

— Facts🤟🏽🤟🏽🙏🏽