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*** Possible trigger warning **** I find myself thinking a…

*** Possible trigger warning ****

I find myself thinking a lot lately about how I almost bled to death after having Elizabeth because a nurse didn't want to do her job. I was terrified, and alone and all I could think as I passed out from the loss of blood was that I was going to leave Stephen without his wife, Ben and newborn Elizabeth without their mother and my sister who was visiting for the birth without a sister... I have never been so scared as I was in that moment. Blood was all over the bed, the floor and me. I remember my dr and his team coming in as I was passing out and the terrified look on his face as he grabbed my arm without gloves and was screaming I passed out right after that.(something happened with my IV, still not entirely sure what happened, I know the IV was in my major vein in my arm but I still dont know what caused this). I remember seeing the blood pour out calling frantically for the nurse trying to explain that something was wrong, blood was coming out fast from my IV and was getting all over the bed and floor. She said she'd be there in a moment, it seemed like forever before I finally passed out from blood loss. I tried to grab the IV to slow it down before the nurse came in but I couldn't get it to stop. When I finally woke back up the dr's were all standing around me. I was terrified. My dr made a comment that they could have lost me if he had not came in the room when he did. The nurse was immediately removed from my service. I don't know why I've been thinking about it so much lately probably because of everything I would have missed about Ben and Elizabeth and funny little moments with Stephen and random wonderful phone calls with my sister and my niece being born... I don't know why I shared this today.

**side note I love everyone who works in the medical field and I'm very thankful for all you do**


— How traumatic ,,, the thing’s a woman goes thru ,glad everything finally turned out okay &while many drs and nurses are amazing some at the end of the day like in any job aren’t their longer for the right reasons she is definitely not the majority the nurse u had

— I know, like I said I love everyone in the medical field, it was a traumatic experience but everything worked out and I'm still here and that's all that matters

— I hope you reported her. I’m so sorry this has happened to you.

— The dr actually reported her. After he removed her from my service

— @dianne1211, 😱Omg! There are no words. I am so sorry that this happened to you! So terrifying, but I am so thankful that you are here and making memories with your babies and family still!

— Thank you. I honestly was so scared