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Covid childcare advice please. I have been called in to tea…

Covid childcare advice please.
I have been called in to teach a group of year 6s should school return 1st june.
My 2 year olds nursery have not reopened and my school have said I am allowed to bring him in with me.
I have said if that is the case he will be staying with me, not joining reception Class, he will be in my room where I can see him and make sure he is not getting close to children.
They said this is fine.
It's also completely impossible. I dont have the room for him and the kids, I have no TA, I cant "teach" and supervise a toddler, what if he needs a nappy change? What about when I'm on playground duty? How do I mark after school?
Alternatives are - hoping nursery opens but then again I can not see how he is mixing. A certain brand of nursery near me have said they will not be socially distancing as it's not possible.
My dad has 3 weeks holidays saved. My LO has never stayed with my dad, my dad is 90% deaf. And what's 3 weeks when I need to be at work for 7?
All other family are key workers or shielding.

Theres no point saying tell the head I can't work. There are people with much more at risk family members who will be working and hes already "done me a favour" saying I can take LO in. 🤯


— His nursery have just phoned to say from the toddler group theyve had 6 yeses so far and need to phone 7 more parents, but children will be put into smaller groups within that group. They are to take their own cups and take shoes off at the door and bring slippers, parents aren't allowed inside. They are trying to get rid of as much hard and soft toys as they can without alienating the children. I think I would be happy for him to return to nursery if he was in a small group as he is still at an age where he doesnt really physically go up to children and play with them :/ I just feel like I'm taking such a huge risk no matter what I do

— I know your trying to protect your son from getting covid however what if you pick it up from the school and bring it home? The risk is already high soon as you go back to work. Your only other option is not to go back and wait until September but I'm not sure how your boss would take that lol xxx

— I'm on a temporary contract and theyve been kind enough to extend to september so I'm not really I'm a position to rock the boat and I really need to stay here if possible. I cant think straight!

— @stacey1991 it's a very hard situation because you really need childcare for your son. Have you spoken to the head about options of childcare like do they know any nursery's? Have you tried to contact the nursery he normally goes too? Just to see what the situation is with opening? What a nightmare for you. It makes me appreciate being able to work from home. I've already already said I ain't going back in until Sophias back at school. X

— Why haven’t they given you a TA? Do you have a low number of returners? To be honest I think they are expecting you to return on unreasonable circumstances. What are your plans for the next few weeks? As there’s not much learning going on, I know Y6 in our school is mainly focusing on transitions.

— We ran out of TAs! Basically. We've been told we may have one but most are needed with the little ones as they are trying to put them in much smaller groups.

I think it seems to be 50/50 with the yeses and nos from parents with regarding to sending them back.

They wont be receiving a quality education that is a fact. It was difficult just before lockdown I couldn't think or speak straight and the kids had other things on their minds.

We are doing maths and english as normal in the morning. We aren't allowed to teach science or DT as it's too much equipment being handled. I guess a lot of wellbeing activities, transition activities and I really dont know what else but without practical equipment it's going to be boring as hell just sat listening to me waffle on

— @stacey1991, we I’ve just spent a fortune on activity packs for the returners. All with things that can be easily cleaned. Our school aren’t social distancing. Kids are mixing in a group but the groups aren’t mixing with other groups. One teacher, one TA, lunches to be had in the classroom and they all have their allocated outside him. I think w shave low numbers but will know what’s what in a meeting Thursday.
Maybe speak to your head again, just express your concerns and explain your predicament. I’d say you aren’t the only staff member in that position.