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Okay, so my husband's work had a positive case last Wed. Th…

Okay, so my husband's work had a positive case last Wed. They sent everyone home today to stay home until next Friday at least. He gets home to find out there was another positive case TODAY and he had direct contact with the man. 😖 He has been home for a few hours. I'm like should we leave....i don't want my babies getting it!!!

Also we were supposed to do groceries tonight! 😑


— Oh no!!! Like everyone else said, he needs to quarantine for at least 2 weeks away from the rest of the family

— 2 week quarantine for the whole house with his in separate room as much as possible. Have groceries delivered and dropped off at your door.

Have him call hr to let them know he'll need the next two weeks off for self quarantine due to direct contact with a positive individual.

— I agree. I only had a sinus infection and my doctor make my house quarantine and me self isolate. They’re still researching this newer version of COVID and it takes people down fast.

— @fairykarmamomma Oh wow, my mom and husband have been to the doctor for sinuses and they didn't have either of them quarantine.

— @scidg3, They wouldn’t even let me come into the doctors office to be checked out. It was automatic quarantine and self isolation. She said they don’t know the true origin of the virus so the university is playing better safe than sorry with anyone having anything upper respiratory.

— Yeah he should definitely be in quarantine for 2 weeks. He absolutely should not be leaving the house now.

— I'd have him self quarantine for 14 days.

— Yeah even if he Dnt feel sick it cn take a couple days to get symptoms have him isolate in a separate room if possible

— Is he feeling at all sick ? I believe they say in that situation he should self isolate for 14 days even in same house .

— Just have him shower and throw his clothing right in the wash and keep him in a separate room if you can 😰 I’m so sorry girl