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My sons skin is just like my mans! SENSITIVE ASF! I got a n…

My sons skin is just like my mans! SENSITIVE ASF! I got a new detergent that was non-scented and for sensitive skin but since I’ve been using it my babies skin is breaking out even more. He has eczema only a small patch and now it’s all over his thighs one of his feet and his arms 😭 anybody have ideas for detergent that helps with sensitive skin?


— My boy has bad eczema patches all over his body so I’ve actually stopped using detergent. I just wash in hot water now!

— We have to use tide free and gentle

— I use all free and clear for everyone’s clothes. Everyone should use the same detergents and lotions for less breakouts.

— It’s a detergent?

— @kitkat6429,

— @amouryaya09, sweet! Thank you!

— Have you tried a more “ green “ detergent? Also change his soaps &’ lotions.

— I have non scented soaps and lotions already. His skin was getting better till I got a big detergent of the one we used and both him and my mans broke out. I got a different one that was the non scented and sensitive one but it got even worse.

— @kitkat6429, Oh no! We use this in our household it has been working good so far. I also suffer from eczema, and my kids have very dry skin. So im always cautions when a dry patch appears on their skin.

— @rndmshtt, where can I find this at?