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Today is my 26th birthday and I'm going back to the dentist…

Today is my 26th birthday and I'm going back to the dentist today to get my broken tooth removed. Yay me. 🤦 Lol I'm actually happy to be getting the tooth removed. I've been in pain for weeks. After this, I'll only have a little bit of pain for two to three days then I'll be good! 😍


— Happy birthday 🎂🥳

— Thanks hun. 💕💕

— Happy Birthday 🎉🎈
Also I'm surprised they are still open , here in Arizona I'm pretty sure they are still closed down

— Thank you. 💕 And only a few are open for dentist emergencies, such as broken teeth and whatnot. I was lucky to find one taking new patients since I moved and can't get to my old dentist.

— @momma_queen_pagan212 That's good their open for emergencies it'd definitely suck going through tooth pain for weeks on end

— @dscroggins08 definitely. This place is super awesome too. Glad I found them and they were open.

— Happy birthday hun!! 🥳🥳🥳🥳
Good luck at the dentist!

— Thank you. 💕

— Happy birthday&tooth pain is the worst I had 1 wisdom tooth removed a month after giving birth &had to be done by an oral surgeon since was on my nerve hurt worse than birth the pain went away fast

— Thank you. And yes, it sucks. This will be my second time getting a broken tooth removed. The first time, they pulled two at once. 😣

— Happy birthday love! ❤🎊🎉❤

— Thank you hun! 💕💕

— @momma_queen_pagan212 your welcome