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Sneak Peak or wait til birth 🤔🤔

Sneak Peak or wait til birth 🤔🤔


— @kx2girlmommy, @dontblockmesis-imjustspeakingfacts, yea thas wat they die for my old ass I didn’t even know after I went back after my blood draw he asked me if I wanna kno the sex I was like wth I didn’t even know that was a part of my blood work

— How many weeks were I

— @kx2girlmommy, 9wks is when I had it done cuz I’m 34

— Wait!!! Best blessings come as a surprise!!! You don't unwrap your Christmas or birthday presents until the big day. It was much better waiting for us. 🙂

— I like your way of thinking 😊

— Oh my gosh!!!! I didn’t even see that you’re pregnant 🥰 congrats girl!!!

— I just posted it yesterday lol thank you 😘

— Sneak peek was wrong for me this pregnancy but it’s still a fun process

— Well you have a house full of boys too lol. Idk what I wanna do I don’t even know when I’m having a 3rd lol

— @kx2girlmommy, lol you sound like me but since I really wanted a girl I just had to find out so I could atleast be over my disappointment and so I could shop of course😂😂

— I am to impatient to wait until birth 😅

— Same here but what if it’s a girl. Do I wanna know now and be sad for 30 weeks lol or find out at birth and be in too much shock /pain to be sad long lol. But then someone said if I find out now and it’s a girl I have 30 weeks to get over it too lol #TheDilemma 🤣

— @kx2girlmommy, ooooh that’s a tough one 🤔 decisions, decisions.

— @kx2girlmommy, Hahahaha that’s what I did I needed to know so I can be sad and then I got over it and now I can’t wait to have her here ❤️❤️❤️

— I think it depends but on our 4th we waited. I loved it!!

— Did you have a baby shower or anything for your last?

— Congratulations!
Personally I couldn't wait for birth, I wish I had it in me but I just couldn't. Shoot with this pregnancy I was so eager to see if it was my girl I paid for the blood test.

— @kx2girlmommy nope, another boy

— @jessicalaneee, send me ur boy dust lol

— @kx2girlmommy you can take all my boy dust. I'm now holding out hope my bloodwork was wrong and I'll see something different at the ultrasound in 6 weeks 😂

— Wait!
If I’m able to get pregnant again we are going to wait until birth.

— I’ve always wanted to wait till birth! But with two boys and wanting a girl I don’t think I could wait till birth. 😂😂

— Congratulations 🎉

— Sneak Peak!

— Omg you’re pregnant? Congratulations!!!! I couldn’t wait till birth personally.

— Genetic testing with gender as long as your insurance covers it

— Or that

— @kx2girlmommy, this