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According to the random lady on the bus I’m not a real blac…

According to the random lady on the bus I’m not a real black girl because I’m mixed and have freckles 🤦🏽‍♀️


— Once someone said I have to pick one race and I can’t be both

— Wtf. Soo ignorant.

— @brownsugarluv, that’s what I said too

— That's funny, I tell people I'm German and they love to jump to the Nazi thing right away. Like I can't be just German, I have to be an extreme German. 😶

— That’s stupid.... I have a friend who is German I would never say that rude comment to her

— @momof5brats like others have said, people are stupid lol they always try to one up another 🙄

— Lol a girl at skool told me I wasn’t black enough ur not alone

— That’s crazy some people just need to shut up

— LMAO.thats a new one.iust wen u think ppl can't get any dumber...

— I was thinking the same thing

— i can’t stand people. so stupid 🙄 doesn’t even make sense. how is there such thing as a real black girl and a fake one?? unless you painted your skin, you’re not a fake black girl. that’s the stupidest shit i’ve ever heard. just because you’re HALF doesn’t mean you’re not real? the fuck? i’m mixed with tons of shit, so does it mean i’m just an all around fake person and shouldn’t claim ANY race? what an asshole.

— @momof5brats, good for you! i try to do that but sometimes people win lmao. i will snap out 🤦🏽‍♀️😂

— @coffeebean, I was with my two year old and didn’t want her seeing me yelling at someone

— @momof5brats, heard that. people don’t realize how much shit talking kids have saved them from lol. unless someone starts doing it in front of my kids, then it’s game on. if you think i’m gonna stand by while you put on a rated R show for my kids you’re mistaken lmao.

— So ignorant ...

— I agree

— People are so weird 🤦🏻‍♀️

— Yup especially since it started out as a nice conversation that quickly turned into her saying that comment and telling me to go back to Mexico

— @_mumof2, I don’t know but I just got off the bus without saying anything else to her

— So rude and ignorant.

— I was super confused

— That’s so random. 🤦🏽‍♂️

— @amouryaya09, also told me to go back to Mexico 🤦🏽‍♀️

— @momof5brats, whhhaatttt?! She’s a fucking idiot.

— @amouryaya09, yup