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Every morning I go to our local coffee shop called Tim Hort…

Every morning I go to our local coffee shop called Tim Hortons!! And a couple times throughout the day. I'm in love with a cappuccino called a french vanilla. Pretty simple short form initials of FV. For years and years I've been ordering them at different locations and every single time Ive gone I get a FV on the lid and usually with a 😊. This particular night was date night and about 9 at night and we ordered a regular coffee and my usual FV...... But this time this is what the lid said!!! To me and my husband that translated to nothing like French vanilla and more like a "fu*k u" what do you all think? I'm so bothered by it that I've left this cup sitting on the counter for a few days now and keep looking at it like am I the only one seriously seeing it like this?


— Okay, you have to call and ask 😂 I've been googling this and can't find anything... the only thing I can think of is "french quality vanilla" which makes no sense... but it's definitely an F and a V, so it can't be f u... maybe the q means it's for the person in queue vs the person at the window or something...

— @erikak big time. It was my hubby who ordered at the window. We just finished a great date night and got coffee on the way home. No rudeness from us that's for sure. I'm keeping the lid in my car and going to ask every window person lol and I bet I will eventually get the person who wrote it or knows what it means and I will know by their expression right away what's really up haha

— @iamwhoiam124 yes! Good plan! You'll eventually come across the person who wrote it. Maybe they did it as a prank do you would forever wonder what it meant 😂

— @erikak haha. Well it still looks like Fu lol

— I go to tims all the time and have gotten a French vanilla never seen that before lol it's probably nothing tho

— Never seen that before lol usually it will just say FV
I’ll do a long shot and say maybe the Q stands for Quebec and they’re putting that beside French lol probably not but that’s what I would assume from it 😅

— That's kind of what came to mind for me too!

— I read fuck you also 🤣 idk what they were trying to have it stand for but it comes across as fuck you. I wouldn't look into it that much lol.

— Sure does. It's not a huge deal but I been wondering about it still to be keeping it for a few days haha

— I’ve had this a few times on my lids too but it doesn’t mean that, my friend worked at tims and she told me what it’s suppose to stand for but I can’t remember 😬 but it doesn’t mean f u!

— Lmao I'm gonna call a Tim Hortons and ask