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I really need feedback👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼 My youngest daughter’s s…

I really need feedback👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼
My youngest daughter’s second birthday is coming up really soon and I was wondering how you mamas celebrate your kiddos birthdays. Do you have big parties, small parties, nothing at all? How do you do it? This is the last year I’m having a big party for my kids’ birthdays. It’s so stressful and expensive. Next year, My husband and my girls are going out to eat just the four of us and obviously she’ll get some presents and cake but that’s it. I’m over stressing about every little detail when it comes to party planning 🤦🏻‍♀️ edit: I do feel like the first birthday should be bigger but after that I feel like it should be smaller. (IN MY OPINION)Anyone else?


— We had a big first birthday then did a family dinner (grandparents, aunt/uncle, and cousin) every year after. This year she had a party since it’s her first year in school. She’s been invited to several parties and wanted one too. We invited the class (10 kids) and a few other kids.
We’ll always have a family dinner. Every one in the family has a birthday dinner. I’m not sure how often we’ll let her have a party but she enjoyed her first one this year.

— I’m planning a party right now in 2 weeks for my daughter. Her first party was kinda extra with how I decorated but I enjoy doing it. I’m not going all out for parties until she’s 5 where she can have her own friends come. Her parties now consists of all 10 of her cousins plus if my or hubs friends come with their kids. We’re ordering pizza and chicken then I’m making sides and appetizers. Her cake is going to be made by someone too. I have games and a piñata planned out.
Idk I like having family get together and seeing the kids play.

— We do a few things. My husband and I will spend the day doing something fun, just the birthday kid and us. Then we’ll have a party with the grandparents, aunts, uncles and my aunt and uncles and cousins. It’s like 20-30 people depending on who is around. First birthday and bigger years we may open it up to family friends too.

Having very little kids, we haven’t done a kids party yet.

— We don’t do parties.
We have dinner, they open presents, and I make a cake or whatever they want. Last year my older girls asked for a cookie cake 😊

— I told my hubby I was done having parties for the kids until they're in school. I'll have a 1st party for our baby that is due in June, but other than that we will just go to dinner with our parents and siblings. It's just too stressful to try to plan and then only a handful of people show up.

— I’m the opposite. I feel like they shouldn’t get big parties till they fully understand. I didn’t throw my son a big first birthday, I feel like first birthdays are really for the parents and not the child if that makes sense.

— We do big parties every year. We go to a playgroup weekly & my boys have become friends with a lot of kids (even not being in school) &
I’ve became close with the parents so every party has at least 24kids. That’s usually how many favors I make anyways. lol But we usually have to feed about 50-60 people. I love every second of it & the kids get so excited for their parties. I grew up with a mom who always made birthdays a big deal & now I’ve turned into that mom myself. LOL 😂
It does get expensive but it’s so much fun.

— We don’t have birthday parties. Never have. They get whatever they want for dinner. Presents and cake. We did let Mr 16 have a “party” for his sweet 16. But it was just him and his friends at the arcade and pizza after next door.

— Love that! I just can’t afford to keep throwing parties. 😩

— @bbgirlmama, 90% of my kids are born in Oct. So it started as a “we can’t afford 3 billion parties right before Christmas”. But then I realized. I really dislike most other parents and their kids 😆 and I don’t want to babysit their little butthole children for an hour or 2 🤷🏼‍♀️

— @squishymommy1, haha yes, girl!

— We do a party we don't have a big family 20 people tops and next year he will be old enough to have a separate friends party when he can have 2 or 3 friends and we will take them to go do something fun. I go all out for birthdays it can get expensive but it's fun. And I love seeing how excited he gets when it's all decorated and everyone is over for him.

— We took my son to Chuck E Cheese for his 2nd Birthday, he loved it! I plan on asking my kids what they want for their birthdays. I’m not a party type of person. So I would prefer to take him to an amusement park or somewhere he wants to go.

— We have big parties. 40-60 people. They've asked to go to amusement parks and other things now instead of having parties. Last year was the first year we didn't have a party.

— Girl I stress planning for 17-20 people. I can’t imagine having 40-60. 😳😅

— @bbgirlmama, It's stressful! We take them out to eat the day of their birthday then the weekend have the party. Both of them have August birthdays. Literally 9 days apart. 😂🤦‍♀️

— @scream.queen, omg I’m stressing because my girls bdays are a month apart. You must be super mom or something! 😇😅

— We usually do a family fun day, have a cake with the grandparents and spend that money on something fun like a family membership or a staycation in a hotel with a pool. She LOVES that

— Love that idea!

— We do big friend parties every other year. In the trade off year we take her somewhere special. Last year it was great Wolf Lodge for a couple of days with her cousins. Every year regardless we have a family party since all 3 of us are in November.

— I don't really do much tbh. Don't have big fam. Last yr i took mark to zoo and ordered cake and pizza for dinner, but that's because his bday is in summer.

— I love that idea! The only problem is, my daughter is a first day of spring baby and it’s so cold out sometimes still on that day.