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Taking Sawyer to the ER. He is acting so strange and he’s …

Taking Sawyer to the ER. He is acting so strange and he’s had a fever all night.


— Aww poor baby I hope he feels better soon

— Hope your little one is okay 💙 Ive taken my daughters in twice in the last 3 weeks 😅 paranoid parent here with all the virus going around and them getting sick so easily!

— He is feeling so much better today! It’s better to be safe than sorry! All this crap that’s going around terrifies me! ☹️

— @steviemariemalm, Thats goood! &’ Exactly! My little one is on her 3rd week with runny nose and cough 🤦🏻‍♀️ LOL hope she gets better soon im not tryna make a 3rd appointment lol!

— Damn girl. You guys can’t catch a break. I hope the boys heal quick. Any word on Sawyer?

— Right?! I feel like he’s constantly sick! My kids just pass it back and forth! He has bronchitis and a double ear infection ☹️☹️

— @steviemariemalm, oh no! Poor lil dude! Hope even feels better. ❤️

— @brownsugarluv, Thank you! He is feeling so much better today!

— Oh my goodness, I'm sorry Mama! I hope he's felling better or does VERY quickly and it's nothin you gotta worry bout the other kiddos gettin. Or you while pregnant!

— Update?

— @steviemariemalm makes sense. Ears is r balance . hope he feels better really soon.

— @_slimm.shady_, Me too! He is so miserable. I wish I could take it from him.it breaks my heart seeing him like that.

— @steviemariemalm aw I know u do. Sucks even r kids r hurting and we can't help

— That’s scary hope it’s nothing major. Keep us update please

— I will!

— Strange how?

— @_slimm.shady_, He also has a super deep cough.

— @steviemariemalm aww :( hope he's ok

— @_slimm.shady_, He will be. I’m taking him to the best hospital so they will take good care of him.