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Idk what to do :( after all this happening and realizing th…

Idk what to do :( after all this happening and realizing that we aren't prepared for if baby boy had to come the other day or if he has to come soon, I started really thinking about his name.
I was so set on naming him William James and now I keep thinking that idk if I want to name him William 😭 and I already told my mom and dad that his name is William after my brother Billy and if I decide to not I don't wanna make them sad.
I feel like I'm overthinking it.
The last 8 years I've said I would want to name a boy after Billy. At least the William part, cause I don't really like Irwin (my brothers middle name). And I feel like if I go back on what I wanted then I am disappointing my parents, myself and Billy's memory.
I know I want James or Jameson to be his middle name, but idk what I want anymore for his first name. And I'm not sure I want 2 middle names. My mom has some things if my brothers that had either William or Billy and was so excited that she'd get to give them to him when he's a little older and now I just want to bawl my eyes out.


— My oldest daughter is named after her dads, mom who passed in 08. Plus when we told everyone what we goin name her my mom got mad so my daughter have my mom named as middle name to. Millicent Nina .

— My oldest’s middle name is Joseph. Its a middle name shared by my dad and brother, so it’s a name I’ve always wanted as a middle name for my first son. However, Joseph was also the name of my husbands older brother who died of a heroin overdose 6 months before I met my husband. It was a touchy subject and my husband really doesn’t have many happy memories of his brother. But we wanted to change the negative association with the name Joseph. And my MIL was so touched.

If you think it will be too hard to separate William or Billy from the negatives related to your brother, then don’t worry about what anyone else thinks in your family and name your child what’s best for you. But if you’re able to, this could also be an opportunity to remember your brother at a happier time in your lives and honor fond memories you have of him.

— You could flip the names? James/Jameson William. Or if you stick with William James you could call him Will instead of Billy.

— What about flipping the names? James William or Jameson Bill are both adorable

— I think two middle names is classy!
But I get it. I feel like naming a boy is so hard.

So my dad passed away, and I wanted to name my son Daniel (Danny) after him. But my sister was like, “don’t do it. every time you say his name, you think of dad and get sad.”. My dad died of alcoholism and it’s a very tender, heated subject that I’m still pissed at him about.
So I decided to go with Daniel as a middle name. I think, for me, that was a good call.
Only because I’m mad over his death still.

— @jennatess my brother died in an accident caused by him. He was driving drunk (2xs the limit), high and tired. He flipped his truck, wasn't wearing his seatbelt and had his window down. I'm still super mad at him 8 years later.

— I think Billy James or Billy Jameson is ADORABLE! I think you should just drop the William and roll with Billy. Idk why but I think it's SO much cuter!!

— I like William James. Call him Will💙

— I like that name. But you need to name your baby something that will make you happy. I think your parents will understand. Even Jameson William would be cute. You are definitely overthinking it! Do you have another name in mind?

— @chelseaz not really. I've been trying to think of something that would go with all of our names because they all end sounding the same-ish. But can't find any I actually like. And he doesn't want a Jr because he says his name is fucked
My husband's name is Dillion (Dylan), mine is Kaitlynn and our daughters is Maddilynne.

— @kaitrack23, hmmm idk. I can’t really think of any either that end with a similar sound. The only name that comes to mind is Colin. I think Jameson is cute though with all of your names.

— I really like William James. Such a strong name. Is there something else you really want to name him? Or is it just nerves?

— @jenx I think it's just nerves and the fact that I don't want it to be too hard to have to call him Billy and end up regretting it.

— Have you thought of maybe making his middle name William?

— @momsrmagical I have, but I also wanted him to have my husbands middle name

— @kaitrack23 oh boo, well I think whatever decision you make it will be a great name!! Maybe 2 middle names?

— I get wanting to honor your brother but it’s your child and u have to name him what u want. I personally like the name though

— @ss3mom I'd love to honor my brother, I just don't want to end up regretting naming him that and being stuck basically.