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After a failed epidural and a few hrs of agonizing pain my …

After a failed epidural and a few hrs of agonizing pain my girl is finally here😊 💕. Bless you mommas that can do this natural. Mad I had to go through that but grateful for the healthy blessing it brought me.


— Congrats

— @householdceo thank you😊

— They numbed me but I had to get stitches in my vagina hole too and that hurt wen she put the needle in it 🥺 ..

— @flamingfiremom I don't wanna imagine what it was like using the bathroom. That's a horrible experience I'm sorry you had to go through that

— Yeah natural is the worst pain ever especially wen u tear all over like I did ... they told me I had to wait 30 more minutes before I was able to get the epidural but he was coming right then and there and a couple minutes later he was born soo I was so mad and sad that I couldn’t get the epidural in time but Thts my fault cuz doc told me to go in but I waited at home for 2-3 hours before finally going in smh 🤦🏻‍♀️

— @flamingfiremom I've never felt anything worst in my life. As soon as I started to feel just a little pain I left right away. When I got to the hospital I was only 3cm and was given the epidural at 5cm. I'm just mad it didnt work and I had to go through that torture. But my girl was so little. Only 5lbs 2.3oz so thankfully I had no tearing . Did you feel when they stitched you too or did they numb you for that?

— Was she born today or yesterday? Just wondering if you had a leap year baby?

— She was born today

— Congratulations love❤❤

— Thank you hun ❤❤

— My situation was similar with my 2nd, I asked for the epidural literally when I was close to a 10cm and it did not kick in time, I was screaming telling them it wasn’t working after 5-10 mins am screaming telling them baby was coming and they didn’t believe me but he sure was coming, I was mad I wasted my time putting that epidural needle in my back because there was just not enough time for it to kick in,all I needed to do was wait 10 mins more, but congratulations!!!

— @toya26 they really don't listen! How can you tell me what um feeling?? this is my last but if I happen to get pregnant again I'll definitely try to find a midwife as well. Bless you for doing that at home. I could not unless it happened that way as well. I'm just happy it's over with.

— @lucky18, exactly, I said that too that I was done at #3 then I had #4 and now am thinking on #5 lol, try out a midwife, they are great and the home birth experience I was shocked at myself that I didn’t ran off to the hospital because I was in so much pain but definitely worth, I didn’t expect birth at home but on that day it was Good Friday and I was already at a 7cm and I was lazy lol but if I did even trying going I probably would of had her in my vehicle because she was coming fairly fast after I got to a 7cm and the drive to the birthing centre was like a 20 min if I could remember.

— @toya26 my husband already decided he's getting a vasectomy so we are done, done sadly. I was joking when we were talking about contraceptives but he's going with that. I'm too much of a punk to drive while I'm in labor and my pain tolerance is too low. 7cm is hella pain to be driving. You're strong