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At first I was not for her having a t.v in her room. AT ALL…

At first I was not for her having a t.v in her room. AT ALL. But hey she is occupied and I can clean house. 😬


— I LOVE her room. Soo cute. Simple and sweet

— Awe thank you. I always thought there werent enough decorations haha. But I don’t want it to look tacky either lol

— @momma_cecco I think it's perfect. Not overwhelming or tacky. Love it 🥰

— She gonna have that tv broke on that little stand lol

— @momma_cecco we have a wall mount and live in a trailer too with "old" walls and older studs It's better to have someone install it, but we've had it for about a year. So far so good. I was a nervous wreck at first but it's saved us from broken screens lol 😅 we also had them put the wires high up on the opposite side of the wall so the kiddos didn't mess with them. Didn't cost too much. But my 2 and 5 year old are rough with that kind of stuff and they share a room. Was worth it

— @allyzmommyxlw, and I would like to mount it, but I rearrange like every 6-7 months hahaha I get bored of it easy. And my daughter doesn’t bother the t.v’s

— @momma_cecco truuue. We had our living room set up with short cords...I regret it bc I can't rearrange the furniture lol