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Go ahead and laugh but OMG I been on a miscarriage mission …

Go ahead and laugh but OMG I been on a miscarriage mission today. Psyching myself out that this is what’s happening. No pain or bleeding just like severe nausea and throwing up more than usual. I’ve never experienced this with my first pregnancy so I was just a little worried.


— I went through same thing. This pregnancy WAYYYY WORSE than my first. But everything is good and I'll be 17 weeks tomorrow.

— Yesssss this pregnancy is beyond horrifying so far lol.

— @kirsten2 lol yesss. Heartburn outta control making me sick and throwing up all day everyday no matter what I eat. It is finally JUST dying down for me. Hang in there girlie we got this!

— I was sick everyday all day from day one to 5 months. Great the 5th and 6th months then right back to sick all day till birth. Every pregnancy is different even for the same mom. Hang in there girl we are all here for you.

— I done that all day today.. And with my other kids too love.. your fine

— Unfortunately that comes with being pregnant. I had morning sickness literally all day everyday from 5wks to about 16wks & was in the hospital atleast once a week because I couldn't hold not even water down. I lost 10lbs, the only thing that helped was zofran.

— Thank you for telling me that! I thought I had like an infection or something. Ugh this suckssss.

— @kirsten2 lol no, you're most likely good. You're probably having a girl!