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How do you feel about a two year old having popcorn?

How do you feel about a two year old having popcorn?


— If they can chew and eat fine ok but I have to be right there at all times mine ate it fine... Cheetos has ones without the kernel they love them

— If it’s actual popcorn: 1 piece at a time. Making sure it’s a piece that doesn’t have a kernel attached. Sitting down to eat.

I prefer pirates booty or similar products to actual popcorn. Unfortunately I can’t control everyone else who thinks popcorn is an acceptable snack, but have managed to convince them of “safe eating rules.”

— I'm pretty sure 3 years and younger is what I heard it's considered a choking hazard for. I'm not sure though honestly but don't trust it for anyone besides my 7 and 6 year old

— @denise1493, @oggirl.mom, ahhhhh it’s like cheese puffs 😂 ok.. yea he’s had that. I thought it was a new invention 😂 all extra

— 😂😂 the white cheddar is my girl’s fav!

— @oggirl.mom, I love them all 😂 🤤

— @denise1493, @oggirl.mom, omg I never heard of that!! Gonna look it up. I usually let him have some popcorn but while supervising. Let me me check out puffercorn.

— Puffercorn is the safe way to go! And plus it’s tasty 😋

— I don’t let mine have it, so she’s usually so upset when I have it. I get her a bag of puffercorn so she doesn’t feel left out on movie nights 😂

— I give my 2 year old popcorn. Just watch him and give him a little at a time if you want.

— Popcorn makes me nervous. I still don’t let my 5 year old eat any😂 but I’m also a weirdo that cuts his food if needed too lmao

— Makes me nervous to.. I'd still be cutting food at that age to lol.