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How many miles on a car is too Many when buying a used car ?

How many miles on a car is too Many when buying a used car ?


— I say it depends on the car but I try to stay around 150k. But I've had hondas over 200k run amazing for years. I know people who never worry about the miles and get cars that last. Also depends how maintained the car was.

— Anything over 100k

— If they've been maintained well then they may last a while.
My FIL has a '95 Toyota Tacoma with around 600k miles. It breaks down a lot, and I mean a lot, but he keeps fixing it and it keeps going. I call it Frankenstein😂
If you're wanting long term them maybe less miles, but if you're in a bind and really need something then I wouldn't get something over 150k miles.

— Over 200k, u will get problems but if u really need it and it’s temporary. Am done with anything close to 200k, one problem after the next but no vehicle last forever, they will eventually give problems

— I’ve been seeing cars with 130-150k miles that are in my price range. Just seems like they won’t run long

— A Toyota at high mileage is more likely to run longer than most other brands. That being said, 130-150 is quite high so just be realistic about what you can expect. It will likely require maintenance as parts wear out no matter how good the car is and you may need to replace it sooner than you would like but if it’s what you can afford right now it could be worthwhile. A lot also depends on how well the car was maintained.

— I do Toyota’s.

— What kind of car?

— Toyota

— It’s depends on the brand. Honda’s and Toyota’s live for what seems like forever.